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Sadie Robertson Reveals Why She’ll Always Keep A Gun In Her House

Sadie Robertson of "Duck Dynasty" fame revealed this week why she'll always keep a gun in her house moving forward.

On the season finale of the Facebook Watch series “At Home with the Robertsons,” Sadie Robertson and her husband Christian Huff talked about gun control and revealed why they plan to always keep a firearm in their home.

The topic of guns and gun control was still top of mind for the Roberstons after the previous episode when they talked with comedian Trae Crowder.

Take a look:

It’s All About Protection

“I definitely think that I would not want to have my kid around a gun, but I do think that for us, I think it’s smart to have at least one gun in the house just from a protection issue,” Christian Huff explained. “For me, like the gun and the bullets are separate so you’d have to be smart enough to know how to load it, how to cock it, how to do all these different things.”

Sadie and Christian recently welcomed a baby girl Honey to the family. 

“I think I’ll definitely train our daughter when she gets of age because I’m sure we’ll go hunting with her some,” he added. “So I’d definitely like for her to have practice before you put her in that situation.”

Sadie feels the same way that her husband does when it comes to gun control.

“If they take away guns and then people who are bad people get guns because they’re going to figure it out and the people who are just good people and chillin’ and don’t have guns, that seems very dangerous,” Sadie stated.

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Willie Robertson Sounds Off

Sadie’s father Willie chimed in to say that he made sure to teach his children “at a very young age to respect weapons.”

“We don’t flash them around, we don’t leave them laying around, we don’t point them at anyone, treat every gun as a loaded weapon,” he said. “There’s a list of rules my kids have heard since they were children, it’s the same rules I heard so there’s a respect.”

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John Reed, who’s married to Rebecca Robertson Korie and Willie’s foster daughter, talked about hunter safety classes. And, Korie added that people should be required to take a gun safety class before buying gun. 

Korie Robertson Gives Her Opinion

Willie’s wife Korie is unapologetically pro-gun. 

“I feel like the gun control laws that we have in place are good and there definitely should be some control of guns because this is a deadly weapon,” she said. “I think the issue of gun violence in our country is a big issue and one we need to discuss and talk about.” 

Willie and Korie are determined to tackle hot-button issues like gun control on their new Facebook Watch show. We applaud them for having the courage to take such a pro-Second Amendment stance on their platform! 

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