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Chip and Joanna Gaines donated $1000 to Chip’s sister’s campaign for School Board. The media has turned this into an attack on the “Fixer Upper” stars because Chip’s sister is opposed to critical race theory.

As you know, many people will support a sibling or other family member running for office. We want to encourage strong minded people to run for office and sometimes this includes relatives.

Families support each other.

But, Chip and Joanna’s donation to Shannon Braun’s campaign for the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD) came at a price to the couple. They are being dragged through the mud over supporting a family member. 

Critical Race Theory

Critical race theory is a new pet project of the far left. CRT looks at systemic racism and examines how generations of racism and inequality still impact society today.

And the death of George Floyd appeared to present an opportunity that leftists didn’t want to waste.

Parents often blindly trust their schools to teach. But in recent years some parents are noticing extremism indoctrination seeping into the curriculum.

But rather than uniting students, critical race theory divides. 

There are reports around the country of students being sectioned off according to their race echoing Jim Crow laws from decades ago.

Many parents are concerned that the emphasis is on gender and ethnicity rather than character.

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Gaines Donate To Family Member

A star’s donation to a siblings local political campaign typically wouldn’t draw much attention.

But, the media stirred the pot after journalists noticed Braun’s platform opposes critical race theory. She believes critical race theory is “the single most divisive threat.”

Even The Hill picked up the story and ran it as an attack on Chip and Joanna Gaines.

In the past, the Gaines have experienced being the target of social justice warriors.

Many on the left attempted to target them in the past for attending a church that believes in traditional family values.

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Reported By Dallas Morning News And The Hill

After stories about the donation made to Chip’s sister’s campaign by the likes of The Dallas Morning News and The Hill, the couple were accused of racism.

Apparently, the fact that Joanna is part Korean did nothing to dissuade the agitators.

Chip and Joanna Gaines weren’t just called racists. Once again they faced accusations of being homophobic Christians. 

Some think it’s ridiculous that liberals are up in arms about the donation.

Braun is on the ballot in a June 5 runoff election against incumbent Mindy McClure.

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