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Eva Marie’s WWE Return, Jericho Slam DX For The Worst Match Ever

Eva Marie's WWE return isn't what fans want, but they don't have a say. And, Chris Jericho called DX's last match the worst he's ever seen.

Eva Marie is returning to pro wrestling and it seems like WWE is her destination. Also, Chris Jericho called DX vs. Undertaker & Kane the worst match he has ever seen

Eva Marie’s WWE Return

It looks like Eva Marie and her time in pro wrestling is not yet over. This may not come as a major surprise as she has dropped hints in recent months about returning to the pro wrestling business.

According to a report from Cultoholic, the former WWE superstar will be returning in the imminent future.

The 36 year old was hired by WWE In 2013 and spent about two years on the main roster. She was then sent to NXT for further training from 205 Live superstar Brain Kendrick.

By early 2016, she was already back on the main roster as WWE had high hopes. Throughout her career, she portrayed a heel and the fans had no problem expressing their feelings.

Her biggest angle was finding ways out of matches. Whenever possible, Marie would get out of a match due to a ‘wardrobe malfunction.’

Then, she was suspended in August 2017 for 30 days after violating WWE’s Wellness Policy. Marie claimed it was for Adderall as she failed to submit her prescription paperwork by WWE’s deadline.

In August 2017, WWE parted ways with Marie. Basically, for most of her WWE career, she spent six seasons as a main cast member of Total Divas.

With the second night of WWE Draft taking place during tonight’s RAW, her return could be sooner than we think. 

It should also be noted that Marie is not the only familiar name returning to the women’s division. Melina is apparently also coming back to WWE.

Jericho Slams DX For The Worst Match Ever

Chris Jericho recently celebrated 30 years in the pro wrestling business. Along the way, he has seen countless matches.

Of all the matches, the worst belongs to WWE’s DX (Triple H & Shawn Michaels) vs. Brothers of Destruction (Undertaker & Kane). That took place as the main event of Crown Jewel 2018 from Saudi Arabia. 

On Busted Open Radio, Jericho expanded upon his reasoning. 

“The worst match I ever saw was Saudi Arabia Triple H and Shawn Michaels vs Kane and The Undertaker, said Jericho. “That was such a stupid idea in booking. It never should have happed.” 

Instead, Jericho would have preferred that two veterans took on a pair of future stars.

“It should have been Shawn and Hunter versus Roman and Seth and Taker and Kane versus I don’t know give me two names of guys Cesaro and freakin’ Kevin Owens — that’s exciting!”

“It’s oh, we’ll just go out there and wing it, brother. But, that doesn’t work. That old school mentality doesn’t work.”

From the start, the match was a debacle that should have never happened. But, when Saudi Arabia says jump, WWE follows the cash cow.

The match saw Shawn Michaels come out of retirement and Triple H was also badly injured. As for Undertaker & Kane, like their opponents, they looked well past their prime.

If the match took place during the Attitude Era or even 12-15 years ago, it would have been a great outing. Instead, fans witnessed  a major fail and easily WWE’s worst match of the year. 

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