Caitlyn Jenner Eyeing A Run For California’s Gold Medal As Gavin Newsom Faces Recall

Caitlyn Jenner may run for Governor of California as a Republican which could spark some interesting reactions in several communities.

Former Olympic champion, television personality, and advocate for LGBTQ rights, Caitlyn Jenner is exploring making a run for Governor of California.

Talk a bout a trifecta for this left-leaning state. But therein lies the rub, she’s talking with Republican political consultants about her options as Governor Gavin Newsom faces a credible recall. 

Jenner’s name on the ballot could throw the race into chaos. As one of the most visible transexuals in the world, the Democrats would have a hard time discounting her among their own voters.

The fact that she is considering challenging a progressive Democrat is a bit of an indictment of the Democratic platform. 

California’s Identity Politics

With the left’s ongoing culture wars, this could be a big blow to one of their hotbeds of support.

California is a haven for progressive politics and the country’s most populous state.

Jenner could disrupt that entirely. It would be hard for them to “cancel” Caitlyn Jenner.


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This could also set precedent and help more high profile Republicans come out of the closet.

Not so long ago, Jenner admitted to voting for Donald Trump in 2016 and even attended his Inauguration.

This shocked liberals who felt entitled to her vote due to her status as a transsexual.

If Jenner is on the ballot with an R after name, that would cause more waves among those who subscribe to identity politics. 

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Jenner would need 1.5 million signatures, which is 12% of the number of voters in the last gubernatorial election, to get a spot on the ballot. 

Axios reports that Jenner is being assisted in exploring a run for Governor by Republican fundraiser Caroline Wren who previously worked on Trump Victory. 

Newsom is facing a recall election because of his stumbling on tax and immigration policies and his fumbling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jenner, who also gained notoriety as a reality star on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” is looking to monopolize on that. 

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Hollywood Republican California Governors

Don’t discount a Hollywood Republican being able to take advantage of this situation.

We don’t have go too far back in history for an example.

In 2003, Governor Gray Davis was recalled. He was replaced with someone with tremendous name ID and Hollywood credits, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Before becoming president, Ronald Reagan springboarded from Tinseltown to the California Governor’s mansion. And onward and upward from there.

Hollywood Republicans have made this happen twice before.

Kaitlyn Jenner is exploring making this a three peat of sorts. 

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