WWE WrestleMania 37 report
Source: MoeskiDog Twitter, Screenshot

WWE WrestleMania 37 has finally arrived, with night one taking place on a Saturday. It is a big weekend, so let us get right to the report card.

WWE WrestleMania 37 Report Card: Grades Are In From Night One!

RAW Tag Team Championship: New Day vs. AJ Styles & Omos

WWE WrestleMania 37 report

Source: WWE Twitter, Screenshot

The main question heading into the match involved Omos. We have seen him on TV since the summer, but he never competed. 

The reviews about Omos have not been good, although he was working with AJ Styles and wrestling a great team. So, there was plenty to protect the big man.

Styles in a handicap match against New Day would have been enough. Omos only had small spots, so there is no telling if he has any ring skills. Grade: B

WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley vs. Drew McIntyre

WWE WrestleMania 37 report

Source: WWE Twitter, Screenshot

After 13 months of no fans, of course WrestleMania suffered his first rain delay. Some 45 minutes later and the WWE Championship match was finally able to begin.

Last year, Lashley was tossed into a random match and Drew McIntyre won the title in a building with no fans. This was a chance for both to find redemption.

The crowd thought the match was awesome, but that is because they have been absent for so long. Still, it was a decent bout and a little surprising the heel won. Grade: B

Steel Cage Match: Shane McMahon vs. Braun Strowman

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When so many wrestlers missing the card, it makes you wonder why Shane McMahon was booked. Not only that, but he was inserted into the only gimmick match of the night.

As expected, Elias and Jaxson Ryker got involved. Thankfully, they were eliminated within a few minutes. 

The match saw Braun Strowman show why you should not bully someone. Not the biggest bump from Shane, yet Strowman ripping the cage apart was something different. Grade: B

Tag Team Turmoil Match: Naomi & Lana vs. Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs. Natalya & Tamina vs. The Riott Squad vs. Carmella & Billie Kay

WWE WrestleMania 37 report

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Clearly, WWE had not plans for the Women Tag Team Championships. Otherwise, there would be no need for this match.

The early elimination of Lana and Naomi did not go over well. Mandy Rose slipping was kind of funny and the ring announcer making the wrong call only added to the craziness.

Kind of an odd choice having Natalya and Tamina win. Now, we have two heel teams competing for the belts on Sunday and that is rare in any wrestling company. Grade: B

Bad Bunny & Damian Priest vs. The Miz & John Morrison

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WWE loves to toss in a celebrity at WrestleMania. And, that is what happened with Bad Bunny.

Unlike most non-wrestlers, Bad Bunny held his own. Nobody thought he could match any of the wrestlers in the ring, although he was decent.

The match will get WWE plenty of outside publicity, which is all they care about. Overall, this could have tanked, but that was not the case it was entertaining. Grade: B

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks vs. Bianca Belair

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What a year it has been for these two superstars. Sasha Banks finally got a real title run and Bianca Belair was not even on the main roster last year.

Both women entered the match like they were the boss. Then, as the bell rang, the two ladies were wiping away tears as they were making history. 

They deserved to main event night two for that performance. Bravo to Banks and Belair, showing they deserved that spot. Grade: A-

Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins

WWE WrestleMania 37 report

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On paper, Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins should be the best match of both nights. It is crazy to think Cesaro is finally getting a push and it came at WrestleMania 37.

Now, this was the match that should have opened the show. Both men showed how they can be the face of either brand.

There were plenty of good spots and some big shots also delivered. Cesaro wining in his first singles match at WrestleMania was the biggest win of a lengthy career. Grade: A-