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Dolly Parton has always been gracious about her success. She is grateful for her fans and those who have supported her. Her kindness and friendship have been her trademark for decades. It was on full display in 1979 when Dolly Parton performed a special song that she wrote for Johnny Carson. 

Dolly was a regular on “The Tonight Show” during Johnny Carson’s years of hosting.

The country superstar never forgot that the late night legend helped catapult her to her status as a household name. She doesn’t forget where she came from or the folks back home. 

Johnny Carson And Dolly Parton

The camaraderie between Dolly and Johnny was genuine. You can tell he adored and respected his Country star friend. And it was all mutual and it made for great TV. 

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Dolly wrote a song to thank her friend.

Like many of us, Dolly Parton didn’t call it “The Tonight Show.” She thought of it as “The Johnny Carson Show” and that was what her song was about.

Her special song was about how “The Johnny Carson Show” helped launch her career to super stardom. 

This is an adorable clip and a great reminder of how fun television used to be. Much of this show was unscripted and that’s what helped make it so entertaining. These two both are national treasures. 

You will enjoy the video below of Dolly Parton singing a song to her good pal Johnny Carson.

The legendary late night host clearly enjoyed every minute of the attention. In addition to her charm, she is a phenomenal performer. And how does she play the guitar with such long fingernails? Talent!


She can really write a song about anything and make it completely charming and catchy. 

Dolly Parton’s Attributes

Dolly Parton and Johnny Carson had a special friendship. No topic was off limits, even one that could not be mentioned on television today – Dolly Parton’s “attributes.”

“I’ve always been pretty well blessed,” Parton says during a 1977 “Tonight Show” interview. “People are always asking if they’re real –“

Johnny Carson then admits what many men thought about. He would like to check that out. 

“I have certain guidelines on this show, but I would give about a year’s pay to peek under there,” the host says.

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Instead of getting offended, Dolly laughed. It was funny and she teed it up.

You can watch this cheeky exchange between Dolly Parton and Johnny Carson in the video below. 

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