Dolly Parton gets Vaccine

Country music icon Dolly Parton finally got her first dose of the coronavirus vaccine that she helped to fund. And, she did it in what can only be described as the most Dolly Parton way possible.

Parton Gets Her Vaccine

Parton, 75, took to Twitter to post a video that she captioned, “Dolly gets a dose of her own medicine.”

The video opens with Parton sitting at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center waiting to get her first injection of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’m finally going to get my vaccine, I’m so excited!” Parton said. “I’ve been waiting a while, I’m old enough to get it and I’m smart enough to get it.”

Parton then broke into a hilarious “vaccine” version of her classic hit song “Jolene.” She sang: “Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, I’m begging of you please don’t hesitate. Vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, ’cause once you’re dead then that’s a bit too late.”

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NPR reported that in April of last year, Parton donated $1 million to fund coronavirus research at Vanderbilt.

The money was used to fund three COVID-19-related research projects, including one related to the Moderna vaccine.

Mark Denison, the director of the Division of Pediatric Infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University, said that the donation Parton gave was used by experts to develop a “high-quality test” that they used during vaccine trials.

Parton Waited To Get Vaccine So Others Could First 

Earlier this year, Parton told the Associated Press that though her age would allow her to get the vaccine, she was waiting to let more people get it since she didn’t want it to look like she was trying to cut the line because she donated money. 

“When I get it, I’ll probably do it on camera so people will know and I’ll tell them the truth, if I have symptoms and all that,” she said at the time. “Hopefully it’ll encourage people. I’m not going to jump the line just because I could.”

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Parton Encourages Others To Get Vaccine

Parton’s sense of humor was clearly present in the video posted on Tuesday. She even joked at one point that “it didn’t take this long to film 9 to 5” when the doctor was preparing her shot. 

She also made a point of encouraging others to get the vaccine, saying that the sooner they do so, the sooner life will go back to normal.

“So I just wanted to say to all you cowards out there, don’t be such a chicken squat,” she said. “Get out there and get your shot.”

Parton is one of the few public figures these days that pretty much everyone can agree that they love.

God bless her for doing her part to make sure that this vaccine could happen!

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