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Bernard Goldberg said extreme “far left” politics at “Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel” finally made him quit after 22 years on the HBO show. The sports commentator sat down with Bill O’Reilly to discuss his departure from the long-running show and what led to it. 

Traditionally sports and politics don’t mix. People want to watch a game or a breakdown of a sport without being fed an agenda.

But in this modern woke world, politics is infecting most aspects of our lives.

This s what happened on “Real Sports.”

Goldberg Issues A Wakeup Call 

Goldberg is no journalistic slouch.

He’s won 14 Emmy Awards during his distinguished career. Eight of them were for his work at “Real Sports.”

So, his words should hit home and serve as a wakeup call not just to “Real Sports” but the entire sports media profession. 

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“I have no problem with anybody’s personal politics, but when it intrudes on the integrity of journalism, I have a problem. I had enough, I said that’s it, I’m gone,” Goldberg told O’Reilly

‘The other six [correspondents] on the show range from liberal to far-left,’ he said. ‘You are looking at diversity on the show, I literally am diversity.’

During one of his final shows, the bias was evident to viewers.

It happened in a discussion about how Sacramento Kings announcer Grant Napear ended up resigning following pushback from his tweet “ALL LIVES MATTER.” 

Goldberg said, “I wasn’t asking Bryant about the sensitivity of what he said, the timing of what he said. My question to Bryant Gumbel was ‘Do you think he should have lost his job over that?” 

“Bryant Gumbel, who has an opinion about everything, said ‘I can’t say.'” Goldberg recalled. “And I’m thinking, you can’t say whether a person who tweeted ‘all lives matter’ should lose his job? I can say, he should not lose his job.”

The 75-year-old Goldberg referenced some particulars as examples of how extreme and biased things were behind the scenes.

A story about transgender athletes provides a peek into how challenging things got for him.

True journalism could not be practiced. 

Story About Transgender Athletes

The night before a story about transgender athletes was to air, a transgender woman track star who was featured demanded that it not be run. 

“That transgender story was an example of down the middle, both sides of the story, nuanced, fair play journalism,” the respected sports journalist said.

“There were no grounds for a lawsuit,’ he recalled. ‘Cowardice led the people who run the show to say, we don’t want to run this because it may cause us trouble.”

The show was concerned about a “hashtag campaign” being launched against it.

Ultimately, the story was scrapped out of fear of offending and upsetting the transgender community. 

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“Seventeen and 18-year-olds stormed the beach at Normandy when Germans were firing machine gun bullets at them, and these guys are worried about a hashtag campaign, because the transgender community decided they didn’t want us to run the story,” Goldberg told O’Reilly.

Goldberg also suggested a profile of Black conservative sportswriter Jason Whitlock. That idea was quickly shot down.

Diversity of thought was not a welcome topic and Goldberg no longer felt welcome. 

You can watch Bernard Goldberg’s interview with Bill O’Reilly in the video below. 

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