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There are only a few more episodes left of “Last Man Standing” before the series finale airs on May 20. As his 10 years of working on the show come to an end, star Tim Allen is feeling reflective.

Allen Reflects On ‘Last Man Standing’

“I’m not a ‘feelings’ type of guy. That’s why I do comedy, to push things away,” Allen told Entertainment Weekly when asked how he feels about the finale.

“I get attached to people even on movie sets and those shoots are only three to four months. So when we wrap and everyone goes home, I go, ‘But wait! I thought we were going to be friends!'”

“We worked on ‘Last Man Standing’ for 10 years years,” Allen, who played Mike Baxter on the show, added.

“All of us actors know and see each other, but the characters, Mike and Vanessa Baxter, the kids, and all the other characters we developed have disappeared. They no longer exist. That’s the nicest way I can put it.”

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Allen Brings Home Memorabilia From His Shows

Allen went on to say that he has taken home a lot of memorabilia from “Last Man Standing” that he plans to add to his collection of items from his hit 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement.”

“I have a crapload of stuff in my car shop and often I wonder what the heck I’m going to do with all this stuff?” he pondered.

“At my shop where we repair hot rods, in the back I’ve got the entire Tool Time set that’s 95 percent complete. Next to it is Mike Baxter’s office where he did the vlogs. This show will be close to my mind and heart pretty much all the time, especially with all the props I took with me.”

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Surprising Friend Puts Things In Perspective For Allen

In the end, it was a chat with a very surprising friend that helped Allen to put the end of his beloved show into perspective. 

“I was speaking to my friend Buzz Aldrin recently and when we spoke about this milestone he told me, ‘Mission accomplished.’ And that’s it. We were ready to finish the show around season 7 but we got to do 8, which matched ‘Home Improvement,’ but then we got 9. We finished our mission and I’m much better today than I was a week ago and I’ll be better next week.”

Over the past decade, “Last Man Standing” has brought joy to millions of viewers by being one of the few shows on television that is not afraid to poke fun at the left.

The show will be dearly missed, but Aldrin said it best: mission accomplished, indeed. 

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