“The Talk’s” Sheryl Underwood Claims She Has PTSD After Heated Scene With Sharon Osbourne

"The Talk" returned to air after being on hiatus for a month. Sheryl Underwood is still reeling from the spat she had with Sharon Osbourne.

While many people tuned into “The Talk” on its first day back after a long hiatus, Sharon Osbourne refused to turn in. She took a pass at watching her former co-hosts takes some swings at her.

Sheryl Underwood even claimed she suffered PTSD from last month’s interaction with Osbourne.

You’ll remember, Osbourne left the show after her on air battle with Underwood.

The British talk show host defended her friend Piers Morgan who was being accused of being racist because he didn’t believe Meghan Markle’s accusations against the Royal Family.

The drama became so intense that Osbourne was also painted as a racist and had to get security at her home due to death threats.

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Underwood Quotes Maya Angelou

Sharon Osbourne was “otherwise engaged” when “The Talk” returned.

In other words, hell would freeze over before she watched it. That may have been the right move.

Sheryl Underwood opened the show backstage letting viewers know they were going to unpack the baggage from her spat with Sharon.

You can watch that in the tweeted clip below.

The bags were definitely unpacked. Underwood attempted to portray her former friend in a negative light.

The show brought the hosts back together, minus Osbourne, to chat about the last time they were on air. They also talked about “race and healing” with diversity, equity, inclusion and justice advocate Donald Grant and trauma therapist and life coach Anita Phillips.

“People have asked me, “Well, if you see Sharon, what would you do?” If she greeted me warmly and sincerely, I would give her back the same, because we’ve been on this show for 10 years,” Underwood said on the show.

“I want people to understand when you’re friends with somebody you stay friends with. And what did Maya Angelou say? When people show you who they are, believe them,” she continued.

Sheryl Underwood Discusses Her ‘PTSD’ On “The Talk”

Underwood said she was careful when speaking with Sharon on air because she didn’t want to be “perceived as the angry Black woman.”

She also claimed she had been traumatized to the point where she suffered from PTSD.

“I feel like I’m in PTSD, because it was a trauma, and I feel like I want to get past this,” a teary eyed Underwood said.

That was enough for Piers Morgan. He had enough of his friend Sharon being skewered for defending him.

He tweeted, “Oh, what a crock of sh*t” about Underwood’s claims.

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Texts From Sharon Osbourne

Underwood previously said she hadn’t spoken with Osbourne since their last show.

She claimed Sharon hadn’t apologized. However, that was exposed as a lie when Osbourne showed screenshots of her texts to Underwood. 

During the show, Underwood admitted to getting Osbourne’s texts despite her previous claims. 

“I want to clear something up. There was a discussion about Sharon and I communicating with each other,” Underwood said. “I have not spoken to [her], and do not have any phone call, missed or received, that I can find in my phone [from her].”

“But there were text messages sent to me,” she said while stating that she didn’t “speak about or acknowledge those text messages” because she was afraid it would interfere with the network’s investigation.

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