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Sadie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame shocked her fans this week by revealing that it was an emotionally abusive relationship that was the catalyst to her eating disorder.


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Sadie Discusses ‘Bad Relationship’ 

“I remember I was in a bad relationship and we were on the beach and he looked at some girl and he looked at me and he said, ‘You know, I’m glad that you don’t look like that because I don’t have to worry about guys thinking you’re attractive and lusting after you.’ And it was so manipulative,” the 23-year-old former reality television star said on an episode of her podcast “Whoa That’s Good.”

“So when I look at her and then I look at me and I notice all the differences that we have and it pushed me into this really unhealthy place and unhealthy state,” Sadie continued. 

She went on to explain that during this time period, her life felt “out of control,” so focusing on her appearance made her feel in control. 

“It more led in a way of way over working out and not eating nearly enough and obsessing over how many calories…just the whole thing,” she said. “My mind was just completely spun by that and it lasted for, I don’t know, probably a year.”

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‘I Think I Have A Problem With Eating’

She added that she mentioned what was happening to her boyfriend at the time, saying, “I think I have a problem with eating.”

“People were praising it and it was like, ‘You look amazing,’ ‘Oh my gosh, you’re so fit,’ and all this stuff. But meanwhile, not knowing where the root of it was coming from was so unhealthy,” she said. “And so, you kind of lean into that and you’re like, ‘OK, well, I mean I look good.’ …You don’t realize that this is controlling you in such a heavy way and really stealing from your life and who you are.”

In the end, it was Sadie’s Christian faith that led to her finally breaking free of this disorder.

She recalled a “moment with the Lord where I just like repented and kind of confessed to God.”

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Sadie’s Recovery

This led her to the daily experience of getting better with eating. 

“It was a daily decision,” she said. “There was freedom in that moment but it was like every time I went to eat with my family I had to tell myself, ‘Eat the meal. Eat the meal. Don’t think about it, just eat it. It’s healthy for my body.'”

“I started thanking God, I started being like, ‘I’m so glad that this is going to make me a stronger person and that I’m going to be able to mentally be free,” Sadie continued. “Sometimes gratitude, you just have to work your way through it with the gratitude that you have for your body.”

Sadie is currently pregnant with her first child with her husband Christian Huff. They were married November 25, 2019. Sadie hasn’t revealed her exact due date but it could be any day now!

Eating disorders are something that millions of girls suffer from behind closed doors. God bless Sadie for being so open about her struggle, and we’re so glad that she made it through this! 

Watch Sadie talk more about both her eating disorder and her faith in the video below.

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