Prince Harry Skips The Queen’s Birthday; Returns Instead To Meghan And Archie

A day before the Queen's 95th birthday, Prince Harry returned to home to be with Meghan rather than stay with his mourning grandma.

Prince Harry skipped his Grandma’s birthday to return to his wife Meghan Markle, who is presumably in her 2nd trimester, and baby Archie in California. Harry left just one day before Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her 95th and first birthday since Prince Philip’s passing.

The Daily Mail reported Harry’s departure is a sign the Windsor’s family feud continues despite his sit down with father and brother earlier this week.

Prince Charles and Prince William met with Harry together following the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. Reportedly, the two decided on a team approach to prevent any potential that an exiled Harry might misconstrue their words. 

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Strike Three: Prince Harry Betrays His Family Three Times

Details of Prince Harry’s private conversations with his brother and father were leaked to Meghan Markle’s friend, Gayle King, who then broadcast what she learned to the world.

Harry had already betrayed the Royal Family when he and his wife accused them of racism during a highly publicized interview with Oprah Winfrey. Telling a broadcast journalist about his conversations further damaged that trust.

Finally, leaving England hours before the Queen’s birthday to return to Meghan appears to round up a trifecta of betrayal. 

Harry’s departure is particularly painful because the Queen is still in a period of Royal Mourning. As such, she is having a low key birthday without the traditional fanfare.

No doubt the Queen would have enjoyed having her grandson with her given she doesn’t get much chance to see him since his move to the United States.

With the Queen’s advanced age, it’s hard to imagine there will be many more birthdays to celebrate with her.

Harry previously expressed grief that he wasn’t there for Prince Philip in his final days. He apparently didn’t learn from that and has left his grandmother again. 

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Harry Reportedly Was To Stay For The Queen’s Birthday

Royal watchers were hopeful that a reconciliation could be made since Meghan Markle was on the opposite side of the world. The loss of Prince Philip could have brought about familial peace.

That appeared to be the case as original reports indicated that Harry was staying for the Queen’s birthday.

But for one reason or another, it didn’t happen. 

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Prince Harry’s distance from his family has come since his wedding to Markle.

Shortly after the birth of their son Archie, the Sussexes left Senior Royal Life for Canada. Then the young family settled in the actress’s home state of California.

But, the distance isn’t just physical as a wedge has been driven between Prince Harry and his own family due to Meghan Markle’s accusations. 

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