Mickie James Release Age
Source: Tribal Messiah Twitter, Screenshot

Mickie James is gone from WWE and her release might have stemmed from her age. Also, an all-female stable has been cancelled before even making it to air.

Mickie James Release Involved Age

As part of WWE cleaning house, they released ten superstars on Thursday. There were former world champion challengers like Samoa Joe and veterans of the game like Mickie James sent packing.

For Mickie, there was mixed reaction to her be letting go. There are plenty of young talent that need pushes and Mickie already spent a long time as a champion.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted Mickie’s age likely played a factor in her being letting go. She turns 42 years old this summer and was the oldest female wrestler on the roster. 

“Wrestling is a cosmetic business, perhaps less now than in the past in some cases and especially for women, but it still partially is,” stated the report. “Her not being used and her age made her a prime target to be cut.” 

Mickie James Tried Other WWE Roles

In the report, they continued how Mickie was offered a role on television. She did work the announce table for Main Event and was also spotted on kickoff panel shows.

“She did get tryouts to be a television announcer but that didn’t go anywhere.”

After sevens year with WWE, she left in 2010 and retuned in 2016 to wrestle once in NXT. That led to her once again joining the main roster.

She was aligned with Alexa Bliss, before that pair went their separate ways. Afterwards, she floated around the main roster.

Mickie’s final match was taking part in the Women’s Royal Rumble in January. She was last spotted ten days ago at NXT Takeover: Stand & Deliver.

All-Female WWE Stable Cancelled

Source: WWE Deutschland Twitter, Screenshot

Sometimes, WWE has a plan in place yet they decide against it. Often times, there is no reason for completely dropping a program.

Well, WWE planned on adding an all-fame stable onto either RAW or SmackDown. For whatever reason, nothing came of the idea.

Fightful Select reports WWE wanted to pair Chelsea Green, Vanessa Borne and Santana Garrett together. They were gong to be the “Pussycat Dolls meets Charlie’s Angel’s.”

Green was brought to the main roster months ago, but rarely used. Then, she suffered a broken wrist in her debut on SmackDown.

After months away, she was just getting ready to return. Although, she was part of the ten wrestlers to be released earlier in the week.

Borne was with NXT since 2016. Mostly, she was used as a filler and never had a real program.

The former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader officially joined the main roster in January 2020. But, Borne has not appeared on TV.

Garrett has fought around the United States since 2009. Then, she worked as NXT enhancement talent between 2013 and 2019.

Garrett was last spotted in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match in January. She lasted about four minutes and recorded no eliminations.