– The handful of times Kurt Angle has competed since returning to WWE have shown that the Olympic gold medalist is a shell of his former self. So when he announced on RAW that he is retiring at WrestleMania 35, many were relieved by the decision.

After the announcement, Angle took on Apollo Crews as part of his farewell tour and people noticed that Angle was moving even slower. It led to speculation that he is not wrestling near 100% and possibly dealing with at least one type of injury. During the Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer agreed that Angle seems to be hurt.

While we will learn who Angle takes on at WrestleMania during tomorrow’s RAW, the name John Cena has been tossed around as that is the first person the future 16 time world champion fought in his TV debut. With speculation of a possible injury, talk has switched into Angle’s final bout being a tag team match with Cena as his partner.

Names that have been discussed as possible opponents include Bobby Lashley, Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre. With McIntyre seemingly in a WrestleMania program with Roman Reigns, that leaves Corbin and Lashley.

The trickiest part about Cena is that he is currently filming a movie that will not be done until about a week before WrestleMania. If there are several other people involved, then WWE can build a match with Cena only appearing on the final RAW before WrestleMania. Whatever WWE decides, we should have our answer tomorrow evening.

– NXT’s Chelsea Green broke her wrist in a dark match before the latest tapings and recently underwent surgery. The injury occurred against Jessie, but Green was still able to complete the match and even score the win.

Green, who is a former Impact Wrestling Knockout’s Champion by the name Laurel Van Ness, will be out of action for about six weeks. WWE has high hopes for her upon returning.