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Last Friday, Josh and Anna Duggar of “Counting On” fame announced that they are expecting their seventh child. They’ve been married for 13 years. 


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Anna Claps Back At Haters

While most fans were happy for them, one person took it upon themselves to be a hater and disrespect the couple. However, Anna was not about to let them get away with it.

“How do you afford all those kids? Does Josh even work?” the hater commented. 

Anna, however, was not having any of it, and she stood up for her husband.

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“Yes, my husband is a diligent worker and provides well for our family,” she said in response.

It looks like Anna went into mama bear mode to protect her family from haters.

US Weekly reported that Josh and Anna are already parents to six kids: Mackynzie, 11, Michael, 9, Marcus, 7, Meredith, 5, Mason, 3, and Maryella, 17 months. In their post on Friday, they confirmed that their seventh child is a baby girl. 

“We are overjoyed to announce baby seven is on the way and we can’t wait to hold her in our arms this fall,” Anna wrote in the caption for a video of their gender reveal. 

They didn’t announce the baby’s name yet. It’s likely it will be a name that starts with an M. And, the girls will officially outnumber the boys in the family. 

This isn’t the first time they’ve faced criticism for the size of their family. In November 2020, Anna hinted they may grow their family by captioning a photo on Instagram: “Many things are temporary, family is forever. Nothing can replace the precious time we spend with each other!” 


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Among the many supportive fans, someone commented that six kids “is enough.”

Her response was gracious but to the point: “Well, we will have to wait and see. Right now, we are enjoying our [six] littles! As the 5th child in my family, I’m so glad my parents didn’t stop at [four].”

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Duggar Family Scandals

This comes after a difficult few years for the couple.

In 2015, Josh was accused of molesting female members of his family, and he admitted to the world that he had cheated on Anna. Josh is the eldest of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children.

Earlier this month, Josh’s sister Jinger Duggar opened up about how hard all of this was on their family. 

“It was one of the hardest times of our lives,” said Jinger, 27. “It’s in those times where it’s not popular to be your friend, seeing how they responded really showed us the love of Christ through them and through their friendships.”

“I think that was something that stood out to me and I saw the friends who came so close and were like, ‘Hey, I’ll just sit with you,’ ‘I’ll bring you a meal or hang out with you if you want to,'” she added. “In those times I thought, ‘Man, that really meant the most.’”

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Duggar Family Closer Than Ever

Jinger explained that ultimately their family became closer from these scandals after Josh went to rehab and entered counseling with Anna.

“Our family was way closer because of that, and in spite of that, I guess you’d say,” Jinger said. “I will never forget how I felt in that moment. And I think even everything that happens in our lives — because we’re in the public eye — it makes it more challenging because then it’s not just dealing with these things inwardly, but you have to give an answer to the world. That makes it a much tougher thing to walk through.”

We wish Anna Duggar the best of luck with her pregnancy, and we can’t wait to meet their new baby girl later this year!

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