AEW Dynamite Hits 1 Million Viewers
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AEW Dynamite has hit 1 million viewers for a second week in a row. But while viewers have gone down slightly, they seem to be hitting the 1 million viewers mark without much trouble.

AEW Dynamite With Over 1 Million Viewers Again

AEW Dynamite 1 million viewers

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This week saw a main event with Darby Allin and Jungle Boy. According to Showbuzz Daily, the main event drew a whopping 1.104 million.

Both Darby Allin and Jungle Boy are relatively new competitors on the main circuit. However, both men have enjoyed tremendous popularity among fans.

Naturally, the main event certainly contributed to the success of the brand this week. Of course, there is another less obvious reason why the ratings are up.

NXT decided to move its show to Tuesday night. Obviously, this means that AEW Dynamite no longer has to compete with NXT.

There are more interesting figures to consider this week as well. In fact, AEW Dynamite was actually the number 2 show for the 18-49 key demographic. 

The only downside is that the viewership was down by 9.4% this week. Of course, this is to be expected after the initial boost from NXT viewers.

How Do The Figures Vary From Before NXT’s Move?


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The numbers before NXT’s move to Tuesday were 688,000 viewers. Since January 2021, the brand has been floating between 660,000 and 940,000 viewers.

So, AEW Dynamite could have reach the milestone on its own. Of course, the move of NXT to another station certainly helped matters.

The real test will come in a couple of weeks. How many of the new viewers who previously watched NXT will continue to watch AEW Dynamite on Wednesday nights.

To keep a high viewer rating, AEW must maintain an interesting lineup for its show. But with so much new and young talent already present on it, I doubt that will be much of a problem.

There is also an upcoming pay-per-view event fans can look forward to watching. As usual, this event takes place in Daily’s Place in Jacksonville, Florida.

Double Or Nothing is one of the main pay-per-views of AEW Dynamite since it founding. So, there has been some building to interesting matches already.

Of course, Double or Nothing is still a little over a month removed. So, those who are not familiar with AEW Dynamite have plenty of time to get familiar with everyone on the roster.

Could AEW Compete With The WWE Main Roster?

Seth Rollins

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AEW Dynamite is technically already competing with the WWE main roster. As soon as the brand crossed the 1 million viewers mark, it became a competitor. 

Back in March, WWE RAW had an average viewership of 1.884 viewers. Of course, this also means WWE still has more viewers on the main roster.

At the end of the day, AEW Dynamite has plenty of time to grow. There is plenty of young talent and a real interest in this new promotion among fans.

It will be interesting to see the direction AEW takes in the months to come. But for now, they are becoming a serious threat to main roster WWE.