Video Of Dad Using Power Tool To Cut Tight Ring Right Off His Finger Is A Real Nail-Biter

Watch a New Jersey man used a Dremel to cut off his wedding ring when it was stuck on his very swollen finger.

Having a ring stuck on your finger can be a real struggle. Sometimes soap and water doesn’t always do the trick.

Chris Heider from New Jersey had this problem when he jammed his finger. Heider is owner of HandyDad.TV and as the name says, he’s very handy with tools. 

He went a nontraditional route to remove it with a Dremel and ended up with a viral YouTube video and some praise from others who followed his lead. 

Cutting Off A Wedding Ring Worn For 32 years

Chris wore his wedding ring for 32 years, but it had to come off.

His finger was so swollen and the tight ring was a serious problem.

He feared if he didn’t get the ring off soon, his finger might need to be amputated.

Being the star of Handy Dad TV, he devised a plan to remove the ring himself. 

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This isn’t something for the faint of heart.

One misstep can turn this into a life-altering moment. A steady hand is a must in this situation.

Thankfully, Chris is incredibly skilled with his Dremel and took some precautions. 

“What do you do when you have a stuck ring on your finger? I jammed my ring finger and it swelled so badly that I couldn’t get it off. I tried soap and icing my hand with no luck,” he wrote in the video description. “I was worried it would turn blue and need to be amputated. So I used a Dremel to cut off my wedding ring after 32 years.”

Chris knows how a Dremel can heat things up quickly.

He put an ice cube under his ring to try to alleviate the problem. He also used a sliver of wood to create some space between his finger and where he needed to cut.

It took some planning, but it certainly was faster than going to the emergency room. 

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Hold onto your hat as you watch the video below.

With over 12 million views, it’s definitely must-see TV. But, it’s hard to imagine doing this on your own hand!

Chris’ Video Helped Someone Else

Wow! That’s getting it done. 

I’ve heard of other ways to get a stuck ring off a finger including using Windex, holding your hand up for 5-10 minutes, or compressing the finger with dental floss and slipping the ring off.  But, when that fails, Chris’ video works.

Take a look.

Chris not only saved his own finger but someone else’s, too. A viewer with a similar problem followed the instructions to cut off his own ring using a Dremel.

It worked,  but ouch!

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