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Possible WrestleMania 37 Kickoff Plans, WWE Women’s Tag Title Plans

We are getting an idea of possible WrestleMania 37 kickoff plans, and the WWE women's tag title plans may also be coming into focus.

In case you forgot, WrestleMania is not even 2 weeks away, and we’ve got some possible WrestleMania 37 kickoff plans to discuss. Also, the WWE Women’s tag title plans for WrestleMania may be coming into focus as well.

Possible WrestleMania 37 Kickoff Plans

With the biggest weekend of the year almost here, there’s some possible WrestleMania 37 kickoff plans to discuss.

Specifically, there may not be one.

The report came to us via the always reliable WrestleVotes Twitter handle.

Well, we have not heard from WWE either way at this point. That doesn’t really mean all that much, truly, considering the kickoff is “just” a pre-show.

However it’s that last bit of the post that makes you take pause.

Everyone knows how big a part of the live experience the WWE fans are. Thunderdome has helped fill the void of a live audience…but nothing can really replace them.

At WrestleMania, those much-missed live fans get to return in decent numbers for the first time in over a year.

That huge happening does not appear to be lost on WWE staff. Could we see be getting some awesome and epic entrance to kick things off?

possible wrestlemania kickoff plans
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Knowing that WWE has been producing grander and grander sets and stages for their Grandest Show Of Them All…it’s not a far-fetched thought. 

Considering that the actual ring and ramp will likely be spoiled sometime next week, keeping something under wraps until the actual first match back?

That makes a good bit of sense. 

WWE Women’s Tag Title Plans

There are plenty of matches made for next weekend, but we still don’t know the WWE Women’s tag title plans. 

wwe womens tag team
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We know the titles should be defended, and we saw Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax pushing for a match on RAW.

Now, we’ve got some idea of what might be in store for WrestleMania weekend.

Specifically, PWInsider gave a tease on some spoilers. Nothing concrete (like, no specific names yet), but what is put out there makes sense.

All signs now are pointing to a #1 contender match on the first night of WrestleMania 37. This is expected to have at least four tag teams aiming to earn the right to challenge the champs.

Hopefully, if it’s going to have that many teams involved, maybe we see a surprise team or two (like, say, a team from NXT getting a shot).

Whichever team wins on Saturday, they would then challenge Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax for the belts on Sunday.

Such a scenario makes a lot of sense. There’s no clear top challenger, so a match to determine one is smart.

Plus, it helps WWE fill up a two night card for the biggest show of the year.

With just a few shows remaining between now and WrestleMania, we should learn something official soon.

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