Megan Rapinoe Sounds Off – Claims Sports Is Now ‘Another Avenue To Attack’ Trans Rights

American professional soccer player Megan Rapinoe slams bills aimed at keeping transgender athletes from playing in girl's or women's sports.

Megan Rapinoe is sounding off this week to claim that sports have now become “another avenue to attack” trans rights. 

Rapinoe recently met with President Joe Biden at the White House. She’d refused to go there when Donald Trump was in office. 

Supporting Transgender Rights In Sports

In an op-ed she penned for The Washington Post, Rapinoe argued in the title that “bills to ban transgender kids from sports try to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.”

In the piece, she said that “being able to play sports as a child shaped my life’s path.”

“It taught me so much more than is seen on the field and brought me so much joy,” she wrote. “Every child deserves to have that experience. That’s why I believe that all kids, including transgender youth, should be able to participate in sports they love.”

From there, Rapinoe let loose on lawmakers in over 25 states who have tried to defend women’s sports by passing laws that would ban biological men from participating in them.

Rapinoe claimed that these lawmakers aren’t actually trying to protect women’s sports at all.

She asserted that “the threats to women’s and girls’ sports are lack of funding, resources and media coverage; sexual harassment; and unequal pay.”

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Rapinoe: Adults Are ‘Ignoring The Actual Needs Of Women And Girls’

“Adults can’t pretend that we care about the well-being of children while actively creating environments that cause serious harm to them,”  Rapinoe continued. “We can’t make demands for a false sense of fairness while ignoring the actual needs of women and girls.”

Not stopping there, Rapinoe dramatically declared that the laws are an “attack on the humanity and belonging of trans people,” adding that “for some, discrimination is the point.”

She then called on women to “stand up and demand that exclusion is not done in our name.” 

After saying that “discrimination hurts everyone,” Rapinoe ended her op-ed by writing, “I want every transgender kid out there to know that they can live their dreams and be true to who they are. For them to realize those dreams, they need to be allowed to play.”

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Rapinoe Loves Telling People What To Do

Rapinoe has quickly become one of those liberal celebrities who loves nothing more than lecturing the country, telling all of us what to do, and promoting whatever is top of her social justice list.

She took a knee in solidarity with former NFL quarterback Kaepernick during the national anthem in 2016.

In her video testimony below she talks about discrimination and those who are marginalized and what she believes needs to be done to make a change:

She’s clueless to the fact that she’s preaching to the choir with everything she says. The only people who are will listen to her are other liberal social justice warriors.

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