Jodie Foster thanks Aaron Rodgers

Last night, Jodie Foster took home the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe award for her work in the movie The Mauritanian. 

During her speech, Foster surprised everyone when she thanked Aaron Rodgers who is the Green Bay Packers quarterback and reigning NFL MVP. 

Foster Wins Golden Globe

Foster accepted the award during the virtual ceremony while lounging at home in luxury pajamas with her wife Alexandra Hedison Zooming.

She was very appreciative of winning the award and even said, “I just never expected to be here again.”

‘I love my wife, thank you, Alex, and Ziggy, and Aaron Rodgers!” she said. “And, you know, the Hollywood Foreign Press, right? This is awesome!”

Ziggy is reportedly the name of the couple’s dog.

You can watch her reaction to winning here:

Foster Explains Rodgers Shoutout

Afterwards, in the virtual press room, Foster revealed why she gave Rodgers this shoutout. 

“I am huge Packers fan,” Foster explained to Yahoo News. “In fact I just got a very cute video from Aaron Rodgers, where he says he’s going to get me back. So I’m looking forward to this. We’ll see who wins.”

Foster also addressed rumors that she had set up Rodgers with her The Mauritanian costar Shailene Woodley. Rodgers and Woodley recently announced their engagement.

“I did not set up Shailene and Aaron, I have never met Aaron Rodgers,” Foster said. “But it is possible that I do like to talk about how much I love the Green Bay Packers. And sometimes I can talk a little too much about that. So of course Shailene was very aware of my enthusiasm for the team.”

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Rodgers Thanked Jodie Foster 

While accepting the NFL MVP award for the 2020 season, Rodgers thanked Foster in his acceptance speech at the 52 second mark in the video below.

She was asked about this in a recent interview with late night television host Jimmy Kimmel. 

“He mentions his fiancée, who is Shailene Woodley, who is your co-star in this particular movie. And that’s just a total coincidence?” Kimmel asked, according to Fox News.

“I don’t know if that’s a coincidence, but yes, she is, and she’s fantastic,” Foster replied. “So we spent a lot of time on The Mauritanian together in a little tent with a little air-conditioning spitting at us, talking about our lives and recipes and people we hate and things like that.”

She went on to say that she would absolutely thank Rodgers if she won the Golden Globe this year.

And, true to her word, when Jodie Foster promises something, she follows through!

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