GMA cohost Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan is an NFL Hall of Famer who has transitioned into a career as a successful television personality hosting “Good Morning America.”  

Now, he’s adding a little something else to his resume. He’s on his way to becoming the next great TikTok superstar!

Strahan’s TikTok Dance Moves 

Strahan took to Instagram this week to post an adorable video of himself and two of his children. He and his twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, are trying to master the latest TikTok dance. 

It involves clapping and then kicking their legs high in the air. 

Strahan messed up the first attempt at the dance when he grabbed the back of his leg. But, he was able to master it on his second try!


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“First attempt: caught a cramp in the hamstring at the end. Lol,” Strahan wrote in the caption as he posted it. it to Instagram.

“Second attempt: Knocked it out with [Isabella Strahan] and [Sophia Strahan]!”

The video quickly went viral, with former Olympian Lindsey Vonn commenting that Strahan was “crushing it.”

Strahan had posted a similar video days before in which he and his daughters danced in their pajamas to Christmas music. They were showing the world that it is always Christmas in their house!

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Strahan’s Blended Family 

Yahoo News reported that Strahan is a father of four. He shares his 16-year-old twin daughters his ex-wife Jean Muggli. He is also father to Tanita, 29, and Michael Jr., 26, with ex-wife Wanda Hutchins. 

“My kids give me strength,” Strahan said in 2016. “I love being with the kids. To me it’s all about family, now more than anything.”

He added that while the twins were raised separately from their older half siblings, they are “very close, and I’m proud of that.”

“You worry how the kids will mix and blend, but brothers and sisters are brothers and sisters regardless of different mothers,” he continued. 

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Strahan’s Background In Germany

Strahan grew up on a military base in Germany, where his father was based while serving in the Army.

After Strahan and Hutchins split, she stayed in Germany with the kids while he moved to the states. But, that didn’t mean he was not a part of their lives. 

“I think a lot of times when you split, people assume that the mother is supposed to take responsibility for the kids. But from day one, it was very important for me to be active, to be a part of their life,” Strahan said. “I was constantly on planes and phones. And it’s very hard – of course it’s hard with them being in Germany. But one thing I learned is, you make time for what you want to make time for.”

One thing is for sure, and that is that all four of Michael Strahan’s kids are lucky to have a dad like him!

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