ESPN Columbia stage fell

Viewers were shocked when a video wall collapsed on an ESPN analyst on live TV. 

Carlos Orduz’s face was slammed into the desk as the wall violently pinned him down. But, the real reaction came from the host of the show who narrowly escaped the same fate. 

Video Board Collapses On ESPN Host

Advances in technology have allowed video boards to be used as set walls. This allows for easy background changes for different shows.

One set can easily juggle a variety of shows. Usually, there isn’t a problem with this setup, but ESPN Columbia showed us how quickly things can go wrong with this high-tech setup.

It was even more dramatic that it occurred during a live show. 

Soccer journalist Carlos Orduz was sitting at the edge of the desk along with five other journalists.

There was no warning at all.

The wall suddenly collapsed on him in a very scary scene.

Someone yelled, “tranquilo, tranquilo” which means calm. 

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The other ESPN analysts were stunned and froze. Host Francisco Javier Vélez had just walked in front of the wall seconds before it came down.

He barely missed being crushed as well. 

A stunned Vélez took a moment to pause before announcing they would be going to a commercial break.

Imagine watching this show live and wondering what happened and if Orduz was even alive. A hit of this magnitude doesn’t even occur while playing sports and suited up in protective gear. 


Analyst’s Injuries

This is an example that miracles do happen.

Orduz claims he is not injured outside of having a bruise and a swollen nose. He was able to walk away from the accident.

It’s shocking seeing him stand without so much as a black eye or a concussion from having his head slammed to the desk. 

“To those who wrote to me and greeted me about the accident last night, I must tell you that I am fine, thank God after the medical check-up, of the respective examinations, any issue was ruled out, only a bruise and a blow to the nose (no fracture),” he tweeted in Spanish.

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Three hours after the ordeal, Orduz tweeted a video claiming he is fine and the scare of it all was more damaging than anything. 

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