Two Night TakeOver Coming

According to multiple reports, a two night TakeOver is coming, and soon. Also, we are hearing that WWE is issuing some interesting fines, and the reason might make you chuckle.

A Two Night TakeOver Coming

WWE has a two night WrestleMania planned for the second straight year, but a two night TakeOver is coming, too. That is according to multiple reports.

Two Night TakeOver Coming

On one hand, PWInsider is reporting that we can expect the two night TakeOver to hit us in April. The two night TakeOver would be just before their second two night WrestleMania.

In an interesting twist, The Wrestling Observer reports that at least one of the two nights of TakeOver would be on the USA Network.

All told, that would be yet another interesting development for WWE’s junior circuit. It’s been reported that WWE will be moving NXT to Tuesday evenings soon, in part due to the changing NBCUniversal landscape.

All in all, a two night TakeOver is both intriguing, but not surprising.

I say intriguing because it would give fans a lot of content over a two day span, for a brand that doesn’t normally get that much time live in a week.

Not surprising, because back before we had NXT live each and every week…WWE taped a bunch of shows worth of NXT during a TakeOver.

We’d see the top five matches live, and then the week or two after we’d get some of the un-aired undercard. Going to multiple live nights would feel a bit like old times to me.

WWE Issuing Interesting Fines

We know Vince McMahon can be a bit petty…but now the boss and WWE is issuing interesting fines.

What are those fines for?

How about if a Superstar makes use of a thigh or knee slap…

mcmahon against wrestlemania idea

Yes, this is really happening, as per the Wrestling Observer.

The practice of a wrestler slapping his or her knee or thigh to make a kick sound louder has been used for decades.

However, that practice is not so secret anymore. In fact, that was a driving factor in the online spat between Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa not that long ago.

And now, WWE is issuing interesting fines to curb the practice entirely.

Some actually agree with the move, and the reasoning they use does make sense:

Still others think that such a move is a bit of a puzzling one.

I can see both sides of the discussion.

If the trick is out in the open, it loses a lot of it’s purpose. On the other hand, WWE has many issues…leg slaps wouldn’t make the top of that long list.

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