Top Beauty Retailer Drops Conservative Christian For Her Views

Beauty influencer Amanda Ensing was cancelled by Sephora over her Christian and conservative views. Now, she's launching her own makeup line.

Social media influencer Amanda Ensing was dumped by beauty retailer Sephora over her conservative and Christian views. Sephora said Amanda Ensing’s viewpoints did not align with the company’s values. Now Sephora is facing a public relations issue with customers of faith and Amanda is determined to launch a makeup line to compete with the company that cancelled her.

Amanda Ensing has 1.4 million followers on both Instagram and YouTube where she posts makeup and beauty tutorials. She also shares her political and Christian opinions.

Video Sponsored By Sephora

Trouble began on Friday when Amanda shared a video sponsored by Sephora via Rewardstyle. The retailer approved the video prior to its launch. However, shen social justice warriors began complaining to Sephora that Amanda is a supporter of Donald Trump, Sephora immediately rolled over on Amanda.

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The video is completely void of politics or religion. Amanda recommends her top 10 skincare items from Sephora.

The problem isn’t in the video below, but rather that Amanda does not fall in line with liberal politics. It seems like they believe that as a Latina woman, Amanda should not be conservative. Since she is not, they want her cancelled. 

The video is benign, but cancel culture warriors began going through Amanda’s posts in order to target her. Amanda was forced to lawyer up. 

“We were made aware that Amanda Ensing, an influencer contracted by one of our external vendors’ campaigns, recently shared content on social media that is not aligned with Sephora’s values around inclusivity,” Sephora replied on a social media post. 

Thankfully, she was prepared for the possibility of being cancelled before she agreed to even make the video.

Now, she’s refusing to take a knee to the left wing mob and she’s pointing to her contract to defend herself. Almost 1 million people have watched her video response and have responded very favorably. 

Sephora Offered Amanda Ensing A Settlement

Sephora offered Amanda’s legal team a settlement. They will pay her if she signs an agreement saying she will stay silent. But, she is refusing.

The influencer used the power of social media to fight back and lay out the facts. She is refusing to take down the video until Sephora pays her as agreed. Amanda also promises she will not support Sephora in the future. 

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“It’s so weird. I only started being called these things by trolls on the internet after I came out as supporting our President, after I came out talking about my conservative views and my religious views,” Amanda told her followers. “If you’re a conservative, you know what I’m talking about. We’ve been dealing with this for over a year now.”

Amanda points out in her Instagram video that conservatives should think twice before spending their money at the beauty retailer. 

“If Sephora thinks that conservatives are part of a dangerous group, you don’t deserve a penny of our hard earned money,” the social media influencer says in the video below. “I will never support Sephora again.”


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Make Makeup Great Again

Conservatives are rallying around Amanda Ensing. She shared a follow-up video thanking people for their support. She doesn’t want anyone alienated for their religious or political views. Cancel culture is attempting to alienate half the country. 

In response to being cancelled by Sephora, Amanda is launching her own makeup line. She wants to Make Makeup Great Again


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No one and no industry is safe from cancel culture. Conservatives who dare to speak out about their values and beliefs are getting shutdown at every turn. But, Ensing is no pushover. She’s standing her ground.

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