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Former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe has a message for President Joe Biden about his administration’s clean energy push. Rowe’s letting Biden know that Americans rely on the fossil fuel industry more than ever before.

Mike Rowe Gives Joe Biden A Lesson On Fossil Fuels

“The conversation I think we ought to be having involves the degree to which 330 million Americans are truly reliant on petroleum products and fossil fuels,” Rowe told Fox Business host Stuart Varney. “Not just at the pump. It’s not just oil and natural gas or clean versus dirty. It’s the yoga pants. It’s the plastic on the keyboard.”

Rowe added that “energy can’t be the enemy” in America.

“Even if our government turns its back on fossil fuels, the country can’t,” he explained. “No matter what we want, we can’t do it.”

As things stand, renewable energy doesn’t exist without fossil fuels.

When liberals push wind turbines and solar panels they conveniently omit the role fossil fuels play in their production and transportation. As well as the need for a fossil fuel backup in the event the renewable energy system fails.

Rowe then explained that though some energy jobs are going away thanks to Biden’s efforts, skilled workers such as those from the Keystone XL Pipeline will still be able to find new jobs other places.

“It’s unfortunate, but a lot of people over the last 10 months, have had to adapt or die,” he lamented. “We’ve all had to pivot in virtually every industry.”

Giving Back Through His Charity

Through his charity The Mike Rowe Foundation, the television personality has given away millions to support those looking for jobs in trade.

The money has also gone towards training for jobs that do not require a college degree.

“From a foundation standpoint, the thing that I tried to focus on for the last 13 years is making sure people have a skill that’s in demand and a willingness and ability to go to where the work is,” Rowe said. “I don’t say that to sound glib or in any way dismissive of what’s happening in this industry.”

He concluded by saying that there will be more opportunity for work as the energy industry continues to grow over time.

“Fossil fuels, as I understand it, is one of the leading investors in alternative fuels,” Rowe said. “So we can’t just separate two sides of the same coin and expect to come out on the other side.”

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Mike Rowe Addresses Joe Biden’s Calls For ‘Unity’

Rowe also shared his thoughts on Biden’s calls for “unity” in his inaugural address.

“I don’t know about ‘unity’, I don’t know about conformity, that’s all macro-thinking,” Rowe said. “This is ‘Mike Rowe’ thinking … I don’t think we get out of this because of the government. We are not going to get out of it without the government, but the government can’t possibly take care of what ails us right now.”

Season two of Rowe’s show “Returning The Favor” was recently cancelled by Facebook. But you can still catch him on “Six Degrees of Mike Rowe” on Discovery+ streaming service.

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Once again, Rowe is showing the world that he is a class act who has a better grasp on the world and what’s happening in it than the average celebrity does. 

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