Education Student Suspended For Saying ‘A Man Is A Man, A Woman Is A Woman’ On Social Media

Owen Stevens, a student at SUNY Geneseo, was suspended from the college for stating his beliefs about gender on his own Instagram.

A student who attends the State University of New York (SUNY) Geneseo has been suspended from participating in mandatory programs for his major. The school came down hard on Owen Stevens because of his views on his Instagram account concerning gender.

The school is demanding he conform or be cancelled. 

Stevens is being punished because his social media violates the terms of the university’s inclusivity doctrine.

He believes biological sex identifies someone’s gender. Despite this being ta traditional understanding, SUNY Geneseo does not accept this point of view. For this, he may not be able to graduate. 

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“A Man Is A Man”

College campuses used to be bastions of free speech.

Now on some campuses, uniformity is demanded and divergent opinions are not welcome.

Stevens’s Instagram account is very typical of a conservative activist.

There is nothing incendiary there. He is a College Republican. 


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A post shared by Owen Stevens (@owen_stevens_)

The Dean of the School of Education wrote to Stevens saying that his scientifically based stance on biology is “in conflict” with New York’s Dignity for All Students Act. 

“A man is a man, a woman is a woman. A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man,” Owen Stevens said his Instagram video below that caught the attention of the university.


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A post shared by Owen Stevens (@owen_stevens_)

SUNY Geneseo said the college student’s videos “call into question” and doubt that he can “maintain a classroom environment protecting the mental and emotional well-being of all of [his] students.” 

Student Refuses To Change 

Stevens is not bending to to the demands of the college.

He doesn’t believe the the should have to change his opinions in order to get an education from a public university. 

From The Daily Wire:

According to a copy of Steven’s suspension obtained by The Daily Wire, the education student will remain suspended from participating in in-school field experiences and courses that have field experiences until he completes a “remediation plan.” The remediation plan includes taking down his Instagram videos, toning down his social media presence, and attending school-sanctioned training.

Stevens told The Daily Wire he refuses to take part in “re-education” training.

“After review of all available materials, I find that, based on your continued public stance and social media presence, you do not consistently demonstrate behaviors required by the Conceptual Framework of the School of Education,” the Dean of the School of Education wrote in an email to Stevens.

Science is Science and has historically been factually based.

But, SUNY Geneseo apparently believes facts should also be feelings based. 

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