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With cancel culture coming for people left and right for things they’ve done in the past that have now been deemed “offensive,” the country music star Luke Combs has issued an apology for using images of the Confederate flag in a 2015 music video.

Nashville musician Jeremy Ivey publicly called out Combs in a tweet where he dubbed the “Beautiful Crazy” singer “racist”.

Luke Combs Apologizes Over Confederate Flag

“As I’ve grown in my time as an artist, and as the world has changed drastically in the last five to seven years, I am now aware how painful that image can be,” Combs said, according to USA Today. “I would never want to be associated with something that brings so much hurt to someone else.”

Combs issued this apology at the annual Country Radio Seminar, where he took part in a discussion about “accountability and the future of country music” with Maren Morris and moderator Ann Powers.

Combs was two years away from releasing his debut album back in 2015, when he participated in a music video for Ryan Upchurch’s “Can I Get a Outlaw.”

In the video, Combs can be seen performing in front of numerous Confederate flags, and his acoustic guitar had an image of the flag on it as well. 

You can watch the music video for Luke Combs’ “Can I Get An Outlaw” below.

Country Star Maren Morris Apologizes As Well

This discussion on “accountability and the future of country music” was scheduled in the wake of fellow country star Morgan Wallen being caught on camera saying the n-word.

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In the conversation, Morris admitted that she had been called out in the past for behavior regarding race as well.

“The Middle” singer says she was called out for not including black musicians on her most recent album, even though it had an R&B influence.

“I have got to correct that and acknowledge that,” Morris said. “Yeah, absolutely, cultural appropriation, culture ‘vulturing’ is a real thing. I love country music so much. I have my version of it, of what I make. And I think that going forward, I just want to pay respect to the people that actually built it for me.”

Luke Combs Is ‘Trying To Learn’

No doubt Luke Combs saw the writing on the wall when NASCAR answered Bubba Wallace’s call to ban the Confederate flag from races. The cleansing of southern heritage from our culture has been gaining steam ever since. 

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Combs admitted that it was “difficult” to prepare for this discussion about the Confederate flag and “accountability”.

Then said he was doing so in order to say, “‘I’m trying to learn. I’m trying to get better.’ I know that I’m a very highly visible member of the country music community right now. And I want to use that position for good, and to say that people can change and people do want to change, and I’m one of those people trying.”

This comes at a time where absolutely everything is being made to be about race, and people are being cancelled left and right for the slightest of infractions regarding this topic.

It seems like every day, more and more things are being dubbed “offensive,” so we can only imagine what will be seen as a cancellable offense next. 

Country stars Luke Combs and Maren Morris are just the latest to bow before cancel culture so they don’t face its wrath like Morgan Wallen.

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