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UPDATE: Chuck Norris Responds To Allegations That He Was At The Capitol

Chuck Norris refuted the claim that he was at the Capitol on January 6th. In a tweet Tuesday night he stated that he was not there and that “there is no room for violence of any kind in our society. I am and always will be for Law and Order”:

Norris’ manager Erik Kritzer told The Associated Press that, “Chuck remains on his range in Texas where he has been with his family.” And, he acknowledged that the man photographed looked somewhat like Norris but “Chuck is much more handsome.”


“Walker, Texas Ranger” star Chuck Norris is trending on Twitter. Liberal tweeters are attempting to cancel the legendary tough guy because a man who resembles a younger version of him was photographed near the Capitol at the Save America rally last Wednesday.

Their proof is that a man posted a picture of himself with a man he likely jokingly labeled as “Chuck Norris.”

Liberals who have probably never watched “Walker, Texas Ranger” then accepted it as fact that Norris was not only there but also stormed the Capitol. 

Storming The Capitol

The man shared the picture with “Chuck Norris” on his social media story. The story also includes video of the man in the Capitol.

People immediately assumed since the man who took the selfie with “Chuck Norris” stormed the Capitol that the legendary star did as well.

The Instagram story can be watched in the tweet below.

Cancel culture warriors latched onto this Instagram story as fact. It fueled things to the point where the star was the top political trending topic.

Chuck Norris Has Green Eyes

These Twitter sleuths aren’t even looking closely at the pictures. The faux Norris has brown eyes while the original has green eyes.

While there is no documentation that proves that Chuck Norris participated in the riot at the Capitol, he did support Donald Trump in 2016.

That was enough to put a target on his back.

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The leftwing Twitter jury is even using a 2012 article about Norris objecting to gay Boy Scout leaders to prove he is a “bad guy.”

There are some people who pointed out that “Walker, Texas Ranger” star was not the man in the picture. But, the logic was lost in the noise and rage of the cancel culture warriors.

The left is anxious to make Donald Trump supporters pay, but they are foolish for going after Chuck Norris. That never ends well!

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