French bulldog puppy stolen

A San Francisco woman is frantically searching for her French Bulldog Chloe after being beaten by an armed attacker and having her dog stolen. All Sarah Vorhaus wants is her five-month-old dog Chloe back.

Vorhaus, 30, was walking her dogs Chloe and her Shiba Inu named Colton at 5:45 pm in San Francisco’s Russian Hill neighborhood on on January 5th. She was cleaning up after Chloe when a man behind her said, “Give me your dog.”

She turned to see a man who brandished a handgun. He then punched her in the face twice before grabbing the puppy. He jumped in a getaway car with two men and fled the scene. Bloodied and bruised, Vorhaus screamed for help. 

$2,000 Reward For Chloe The French Bulldog

She was taken to a hospital for treatment, but her concerns were for Chloe rather than herself. Vorhaus immediately sprang into action to bring her baby home. She created a website and is offering $2,000 for Chloe’s return. 

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“The hardest part for us is knowing our baby is being held by very violent people,” the distraught dog owner wrote in the Instagram post below. If they punched me repeatedly and held a gun to my head, what are they doing to her? I continue to go between shock, sadness, and desperation.”


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Possible Premeditated Attack

Vorhaus believes the way the dognapping happened points to this being a premeditated attack.

She does not rule out the possibility that she was spotted and followed after leaving a dog park with Chloe and Colton. 


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San Francisco Police are investigating the theft. The police department encourages anyone with information about the dognapping to please call their tip line at 1-415-575-4444. They can also text tips to TIP411 and begin the text message with SFPD.

“The cops have reason to believe they were waiting for me to leave my apartment,” Vorhaus told ABC7 News on Sunday. “Not only were they waiting outside of my apartment, they pulled ahead of me and were waiting for me on my walk route.”

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Vorhaus said their best hope might be that these violent criminals sell Chloe to a good family who will then return her. French Bulldog puppies can cost thousands of dollars so it is possible the dog was stolen to be resold. 

The distraught dog owner is grateful that her other dog was not stolen. More information is in the Instagram video below. 


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Vorhaus said this crime has upset the Russian Hill neighborhood. She and her boyfriend Peter have since moved out of the city and haven’t returned to their old apartment.

“This wasn’t a random crime,” she said through tears. “Our neighborhood, people need to understand that these are criminals and they are still at large.”

She also said the only thing helping her get through this “is the incredible humanity she’s seen from her family, friends, co-workers and complete strangers.”

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