Martin Luther King Documentary Airs Illicit Affairs And Worse – Director Worries About Cancel Culture

The new documentary "MLK/FBI" brings to light FBI surveillance recordings of Martin Luther King Jr. of his alleged affairs and worse.

A new documentary film, MLK/FBI, that explores the FBI surveillance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. hits theaters and is On Demand for the holiday weekend. With details of MLK’s privately guarded personal life coming to light, there is a concern the civil rights icon could become the subject of cancel culture. 

Martin Luther King was subjected to several years of scrutiny from the FBI before being assassinated in 1968. They wanted to discredit him.

Now there is the possibility that what the surveillance discovered might pose a problem for those rabid social justice warriors who demand people from other eras be held up to the strict politically correct standards of today. 

Martin Luther King Jr’s Affairs

Through bugs and wiretaps, the FBI allegedly learned of King’s numerous extra marital affairs. This flew in the face of his strict preacher persona. 

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Those scandalous tapes won’t be publicized until 2027, but contents have already shown up on government documents.

One report claims that King was a witness to another pastor raping a woman. King reportedly didn’t intervene in the attack. 

Abraham Lincoln and the Founding Fathers have been targeted by cancel culture for not living up to today’s standards.

If these left wing warriors apply those same standards, King might be meet a similar fate. It would be hard to ignore a sexual assault, especially if there is audio. 

But, “MLK/FBI” Director Sam Pollard isn’t so sure that will happen to the civil rights leader. To many, King is in untouchable territory. 

“I don’t think so, man,” Pollard says about Martin Luther King being canceled. “We live in a time of social media where people are constantly trying to denigrate people and who they were and what they were all about. The term ‘cancel culture’ is hot and heavy. We’ve seen it happen with the notion of taking down the names and the statues of Confederate generals, and there will probably be some backlash against certain Black leaders. It’s to be expected in this country. But I think King will probably escape that — that’s my take.”


“I’ve known for years that he had illicit affairs,” Pollard continued. “Now, what I might hear on those tapes might make me go, ‘Woah,’ but it’s not going to change my take on Dr. King. The thing to remember is that this was the 1960s, and there was a different idea about the relationship between men and women. I’m not trying to excuse it, but it was different. You can try to hold Dr. King’s feet to the fire and say, ‘He shouldn’t have done that’ And yeah, you’re absolutely right, but the relationship that men and women had was very different back then.”

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A trailer for the new Martin Luther King documentary MLK/FBI can be watched in the video below. 

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