Jon Jones is “Ready For Anyone”, After Hitting 250 Pound Mark

Jon Jones continues to bulk up ahead of his run at the heavyweight title, so much so, 'Bones' is reporting he's hit 250 pounds.

It continues to look like we’re not going to see Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones throw down in a light heavyweight fight, not any time soon anyway, as ‘Bones’ is reporting he’s 250 pounds.

Jon Jones
Image Credit: UFC / YouTube

Jones says he’s “ready for anyone” as bulking up continues

The renowned fighter ended his reign as the UFC’s light heavyweight champ last year, as Jones decided to vacate the belt to make a run at the heavyweight title. Since then, Jones has been very public about the fact he’s working hard to put on muscle and mass.

Case in point, recently Jones shared out these images and comments.

250lbs moving like a Jones

And, while corresponding with fans about how he feels with the new weight, Jones said this.

No I’m not worried about cardio, I hold myself to a very high standard.

A light heavyweight standard. Some of these guys may be stronger, but they can’t possibly push as hard as I can.

I’ve been able to outwork literally every LHW, i’ll do the same at heavy.. It’s called heart

I feel ready to take on any challenge, this is the first time in my career that I can say that. I finally have the size to be ready for anyone

Is 205 behind him for good?

So, a lot of people will likely be left asking, whether Jones’ run at light heavyweight is over for good? And if so, does that close the door as well on a fight with Adesanya?

The middleweight champ has said he’ll move all the way up to heavyweight to fight Jones. But, a lot would have to fall into place before that’s even a possibility.

Adesanya is scheduled to fight the light heavyweight champ Jan Blachowicz on March 6th, and Jones is expected to fight for the heavyweight title later in 2021. Further, it’s not clear whether the UFC would really be on board with Adesanya moving up two weight classes.

There’s also the possibility that Jones loses in his heavyweight debut, or in his next bout after, and decides to move back to 205. Although, the former champ has said he has no intention of fighting at that weight again.


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