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Christian Movie ‘Gun And A Hotel Bible’ Receives High Praise From Unlikely Sources

"Gun And A Hotel Bible" brought home awards and multiple film festivals. Now, this Christian movie is available for the general public.

 A faith-based film that is targeted to doubters has earned some substantial awards at film festivals is now available for the public to watch. Gun And A Hotel Bible is seeking to break ground in untraditional way as a Christian movie. 

This movie definitely doesn’t preach to the choir. Rather than mimicking stories of people who are strong in their faith, this one is intended for those people who have more questions than answers about religion. 

Gun And A Hotel Bible Introduces Us To Pete And Gideon

First a play and now a movie, “Gun And A Hotel Bible” tells the story of Pete and Gideon, aka Gid.

Pete is a desperate man intent on committing a revengeful murder while Gid is the Bible that is sitting in his hotel room. 

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The thought provoking movie is getting praise from movie critics who might not promote a traditionally Christian movie.

It even won at the LA Live Film Festival by earring seven top awards including “Best Feature.” 

The intent of the movie is to explain that God is big enough to handle all of our problems.

No matter how desperate or down you are, God can handle it. No matter how angry lost you feel, God can help take that off your hands.

Pete and Gid have engaging conversations that are at times humorous. The movie is meant to make people think and challenge them to engage with each other over how Biblical messages can dramatically impact our lives.

The Bible can even help us walk away from rage and life shattering situation. 

Audience Is “Emotionally Invested In The Outcome”

“Gun And A Hotel Bible” features one character in despair and another desperate to reach him,” said producer Celeste Provart.

“In this honest and sometimes heartbreaking story, viewers are intrigued by the subject matter, drawn in by the performances, and emotionally invested in the outcome.”

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It is hoped “Gun And A Hotel Bible” will help people value differences with others.

No questions or concerns are off limits to God. No matter how despondent someone is, the Bible is relative to the situation.

It can help us all give our troubles up to God. 

A trailer for the faith-based film Gun And A Hotel Bible can be watched in the video below. 

You can stream Gun And A Hotel Bible on Amazon here.

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