Bruce Willis Rite Aid refuse mask apology

Bruce Willis has responded to public outrage after the Die Hard star was ejected from a Rite Aid over the weekend for refusing to wear a mask. 

Los Angeles has rather strict rules during the pandemic. Masks are supposed to be mandatory, although rioters and protesters appear to get a pass.

The action star upset the mask police when he went into a drug store without first masking up.

Bruce Willis Refuses To Mask Up At Rite Aid

The 65-year-old ex-husband of Demi Moore was confronted by staff as his bare face created a problem for fellow shoppers at the Los Angeles Rite Aid. They wanted the award-winning actor to mask up.

Willis was photographed with a bandana around his neck. But, rather than comply, the well known star left the store without purchasing anything.

Instead of just pulling the bandana over his mouth and nose, Willis headed to the exit. 

This obviously did not sit well with many Hollywood types. Once word got out, Bruce Willis quickly began trending on Twitter. 

BACKSTORY: Bruce Willis Kicked Out Of Los Angeles Rite-Aid After Refusing To Wear Mask

Willis proceeded to take a public beating on Twitter. While there were plenty of people with verified blue checkmark accounts using profanity, some were able to voice their displeasure without being so crude.

Even though Willis didn’t make a political comment, he was defamed as a Republican and Trump supporter by many people. 

Bruce Willis Issues An Apology Of Sorts – “Mask Up”

Bruce Willis was asked for comment after his maskless picture went viral.

Mind you, the popular actor wasn’t confrontational. He didn’t make a scene. He just walked out the door.

Still, the violation of the mask order caused enough of a stir to force him to make a comment.

“It was an error in judgment,” Willis told People. “Be safe out there everyone and let’s continue to mask up.”

Of course, there were some people who came to Willis’ defense.

Will Cancel Culture Come For Him?

Actor Kevin Sorbo applauded his fellow actor for walking to his own beat and not wearing a mask. 

A writer for the New York Times magazine tweeted that her son said Willis is “unbreakable.”

Bruce Willis is arguably one of the most popular and iconic American celebrities. So it’s no surprise the liberal elite lost their mind when one of their own bucked a norm.

In any normal time, an actor politely leaving a store because he didn’t want to follow the rules wouldn’t have made headlines. But, these are not normal times.

It remains to be seen if cancel culture will accept Bruce Willis’ non-apology for his mask faux pas.

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