WWE Reboot Angle Dropped

WWE was going to reboot an angle, but they dropped the idea. Also, Chris Jericho wants to join commentary full-time once he retires.

WWE Reboot Angle Dropped

We all know that WWE loves living in the past, rebooting angles from years ago for the “new-age” fans to enjoy. That appears to have been in the works once again for an angle involving Chelsea Green.

The 29-year-old Green is an alum of Tough Enough and has been competing in pro wrestling since 2014. Upon joining the WWE, she was placed on the SmackDown brand.

As for her official television debut, WWE officials were looking to the past for her to make a splash.

Nearly two decades ago, the promotion brought in Mickie James as a “star-struck fan” of Trish Stratus. James became obsessed with Stratus, leading to a lengthy angle that included her turning on her idol.

James and Stratus made the feud a memorable one with their back-and-forth matches, highlighted for many by a moment when James planted a kiss on Stratus. 

As for the current angle, Green, who was trained by the legendary Lance Storm at the WWE Performance Center, was to play the role of James in the angle. According to a report by Fightful, James was even to be involved in the role of Stratus this time.

The report states that content was produced to start the angle before being “changed only hours before it was set to air.”

Green found her way to the sidelines during that time. She returned, only to be injured during a bout involving Liv Morgan, Natalya and Tamina. 

Currently, Green remains on the sidelines with a broken wrist suffered during that bout on a November edition of SmackDown. 

Chris Jericho – Commentary Job

Chris Jericho Criticizes AEW

It may feel as if Chris Jericho will compete inside the squared circle until the day he dies, but that is not his plan.

Jericho has been working in his free time on improving his skills in the commentary arena. This adds to his already-impressive list of skills including being a pro wrestling and entertainer.

All Elite Wrestling has been using Jericho during filming of programming from QT Marshall’s gym in Norcross, Georgia during the novel coronavirus pandemic. It appears as if the move has sparked an interest in the role for the former world champion.

During an interview with Sitting Ringside, Jericho let it be known that his plans include moving from wrestler to commentator.

“We had great chemistry right off the bat,” he said. “We had fun and realized we had something.

“Tony Khan liked it. Now we know whenever Jericho can do commentary.”

Further explaining, Jericho joked that “The idea is to do more (commentary) and then whenever I stop wrestling, whenever that is in 2097, I can see myself doing commentary full time.

“The idea is to get over everybody, not just yourself,” he said. “That is what I try to do.”

Jericho, 50 years old, has been wrestling since 1990 for numerous promotions including WCW, WWE and now AEW. He is an Undisputed WWE Champion, three-time WWE Heavyweight Champion and two-time WCW World Champion.