Producer Has Heat Backstage

In a bit of a surprise, a WWE producer has heat backstage. Plus, we’ve got tributes for Pat Patterson pouring in.

WWE Producer Has Heat Backstage

In a somewhat surprising bit of news, a WWE producer has heat backstage.

Normally, or predominantly, heat is on Superstars. Not this time, and the producer in question seems to be gaining power and influence…which means this could get interesting quickly.

According to PWInsider, the man getting heat is Bruce Pritchard. Based on reports, Pritchard is basically the most powerful non-McMahon in the building at this point.

The heat could very well be linked to a feeling that Bruce Pritchard is merely an extension of Vince McMahon. Where son in law HHH will push back, it seems Pritchard may be more of a yes man.

Producer Has Heat Backstage

That has earned the executive director of both RAW and SmackDown some heat backstage from a number of Superstars.

What makes that more concerning? According to the report, Pritchard was not present or involved for this past episode of RAW.

HHH filled in for him, and the term used to describe the replacement? “It was a breath of fresh air”.

That could mean a number of things, and it is certainly not damaged beyond repair.

One major issue may be saying yes to Vince too much, when we’ve seen the impact of his chaotic, last-second script re-writes.

Another could be that Pritchard is now the executive director for both main brand shows. Prior to his elevation, Paul Heyman had that title for RAW, and Eric Bischoff briefly had it for SmackDown.

Bruce Pritchard being in power may make Vince McMahon happy…but if doing so is making a number of Superstars unhappy, is that best for business?

It will be interesting to see if McMahon makes some adjustments to perhaps help Pritchard, as well as appease some important talent.

Tributes For Pat Patterson Pour In

The sad news of Pat Patterson’s passing broke this morning. Now, more of the wrestling community has had a chance to react to the loss of a legend.

Patterson was a long-time fixture within WWE. He was 79 at the time of his passing.

Pat Patterson Passes Away