Vince Russo Helped With WWE Angle, Chris Jericho – NJPW Status

Vince Russo WWE Angle

Former WWE personality Vince Russo allegedly helped with a WWE angle. In other news, Chris Jericho’s NJPW contract status may have recently changed. 

Vince Russo Helped With WWE Angle

Vince Russo Helped With WWE Angle, Chris Jericho - NJPW Status

When Shane McMahon came out with Raw Underground, Shane McMahon allegedly contacted Vince Russo. According to the former WWE personality, Shane and Russo went back and forth discussing the idea of Raw Underground.

“Shane goes on TV, Spaldings to the wall, gives it his all, I mean like a lunatic. I gotta be honest with you, I was kind of emailing with Shane [McMahon] when this first started and he was asking me what I thought about it and he was gung ho on this idea.”

The concept of Raw Underground had a couple of goals. However, the most important one was debuting superstars from NXT who were kind of stuck. 

Raw Underground has not been on for a while because of the pandemic. It remains to be seen if the idea will actually return to television. 

Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

dabba-kato Vince McMahon

There has been a bit of contention about who came up with the idea for Raw Underground. However, one of the most dominant theories is that the idea was stolen from EC3.

Once EC3 left the company, he revealed he emailed the idea for Raw Underground to WWE officials. He also stated he knew the idea would be stolen as soon as he sent it.

EC3 came up with something similar as he made the switch to a different promotion. His promo and Raw Underground were remarkably similar.

In conclusion, I would not be surprised if EC3’s statements are true. So, it appears Raw Underground is not that original at all.

Chris Jericho – NJPW Status

Chris Jericho NJPW Contract

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, Chris Jericho has not been able to wrestle for NJPW. Evidently, the travel restrictions have had a devastating effect on the pro wrestling circuit and indie cooperation.

Given the restrictions, it is currently believed that Chris Jericho no longer has a NJPW contract. And it seems the pandemic is not the only cause.

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer claims Jericho wants too much money for appearances. As a result, a contract is unlikely. 

“There would be a chance you would have Jericho if the situation was different. I know when like Harold Meji was there because of the cost he wasn’t that hot on bringing Jericho back. Jericho….from what I believe does not have a contract with New Japan any longer. I think that’s expired, but with Harold gone I know there was renewed interest in Jericho, but it doesn’t matter now because he couldn’t go. That’s something for down the line. “

Kenny Omega Wants More NJPW Stars Wrestling On AEW

Jake Hager

While Jericho might not be heading to NJPW anytime soon, there is some good news. Kenny Omega recently revealed he wants more NJPW stars wrestling on AEW.

With travel restrictions slowly lifting, this could happen in the nearby future. We cannot wait to see what happens on All Elite!