Vince McMahon Playboy Magazine

Vince McMahon has tried his hand in many things, but you may be surprised to learn he wanted to buy Playboy Magazine. Also, despite a lack of use, Aleister Black gets support from a fellow Superstar.

Vince McMahon Wanted Playboy Magazine

WWE fans know that Vince McMahon has thrown his money around plenty. It’s why we had two iterations of the XFL, for one.

It’s also a reason why so many wrestling competitors have been absorbed over the years.

vince mcmahon wanted magazine

But, what magazine Vince McMahon wanted…that may surprise you.

According to comments made by Eric Bischoff on a recent podcast, Vince McMahon was very interested in the iconic Playboy magazine.

The timing of this interest was not too specific, but it sounded like it was in the earlier 2000’s.

At that time, WWE was not yet a public company. Fans can trace at least some changes to the product to the time when WWE began answering to shareholders.

For example, at one point in time it was not uncommon for a WWE Superstar to grace Playboy. Sable, Chyna, Torrie Wilson and others had spreads in the iconic men’s magazine at one point or another.

A few things have happened since then, and now it would be a shock to have a WWE Superstar to appear.

For one thing, the women in WWE are now much more appreciated for what they can do in the ring, as opposed to what they look like.

For another, being a public company aiming to be a more family friendly product, having talent pose nude wasn’t desired anymore.

Then there’s the point that Playboy now is much different than what it was 20 years ago.

But, that’s not the point here.

The point is, according to the former WWE GM, that Vince McMahon was interested in buying Playboy. So too was the man famous for Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis.

Bischoff, of course, knew both men. At that point, knowing both were interested, Bischoff introduced them.

It’s not clear if they discussed a joint effort to purchase the company or not, but in any case, a sale of Playboy to either party never happened.

It’s crazy to imagine what could have been.

Aleister Black-Kevin Owens

It’s been an interesting few months for Aleister Black, but Aleister Black is getting support from an unexpected source.

To give a little recap, it wasn’t that long ago that Aleister Black returned from an eye injury and turned heel.

Since then, his wife Zelina Vega became a former WWE Superstar, and not really in a good way. And, well, Aleister Black has not been getting used too much.

Well, at least one Superstar has spoken out to support the underused Aleister Black.

According to Fightful…it’s that Superstar who Black turned heel on not that long ago.

Yes,  that Superstar would be Kevin Owens.

According to the report from Fightful, Owens is on record as saying that Aleister Black has too much passion and talent for the sport and business to be used as sparingly as he has been.

Put another way, it would be a shame to see Black leave WWE, given what he would be capable of.

However, for the time being, it seems WWE does not have a plan for Aleister Black. One cannot help but wonder if there isn’t some spite in Black’s bookings, considering what happened with his wife.

Maybe those two aren’t related. After all, WWE would have us believe that Lana going through 472 different tables, week after week, had nothing to do with her husband showing up on AEW.

OK, not really 472 tables, but you get the idea. And sure, perhaps all events are unrelated, but smart fans don’t see them as unrelated.

Regardless, it’s nice to hear a fellow Superstar speak up. Black was fun to watch in NXT…but he’s been largely wasted since he was called up.

Here’s hoping 2021 is a better year for Aleister Black.