WWII Veteran Christmas lights viral Texas Ray Terry

East Texas World War II veteran Ray Terry has become something of a legend in his community after putting up an impressive display of Christmas lights at his home over the past 48 years. There’s good reason this WWII Vet has gone viral!

Texas WWII Veteran’s Iconic Christmas Lights

CBS 19 reported that Terry, 95, has lived in the town of Whitehouse for most of his life, and he loves putting up his Christmas lights over the holiday season.

The WWII veteran initially started putting up his Christmas lights to enter contests that would reward the best display. But now it’s a tradition that Terry has been doing it ever since. 

With a laugh, Terry recalled winning some of the contests in his early days, but they quickly did not become a priority for him, as just putting up the lights themselves were fun enough! 

Now that he’s in his mid-90s, Terry said he has someone who works for him that puts up the lights.

He enjoys being able to hear dozens of people driving by each night to look at the lights. Some even get out of their vehicles to take a closer look at the display. 

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WWII Veteran Loves When People Come Look At His Christmas Lights

“Come in slow and drive through to stop and look,” Terry said. “It doesn’t matter if somebody is behind you or they can wait.”

During this Christmas season, Terry is reflecting on the joy he’s brought to his community with his lights over the past decades.

“Someone said we moved here 40 years ago and we never missed a year,” Terry told KEN5. “We brought our children the first year in kept on and then they bring their children and we bring in our grandchildren now.”

If you’re in the Whitehouse area in the coming weeks, take a look at Terry’s lights for yourself by paying him a visit at 203 Acker Tap. He said the lights will be on display through the end of January!

You can see Ray Terry’s spectacular Christmas light display in the news clip below.

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This Story Warms Our Hearts

We can only imagine how much Terry has seen in his 95 years on earth!

It’s heartwarming a WWII veteran who is not only still thriving, but also finding joy in a beautiful Christmas display that lifts the hearts of everyone in his community.

God bless you, Ray Terry. We hope the community of Whitehouse gets to enjoy your Christmas lights for many years to come! 

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