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Country star and American Idol judge Luke Bryan pulled an epic prank on his wife with the help of Christian pro athlete Tim Tebow. The country singer is known as a prankster as he loves to fool his family and friends. He really outdid himself this time with not only including Tim Tebow but also the Heisman Trophy.

Luke Bryan And Wife Caroline Celebrate ‘Pranksmas’

Luke and Caroline Bryan have a tradition of pranking each other in December. They call it Pranksmas.

For the first prank of Pranksmas, Luke did some long term planning.

At a charity auction, Caroline bid on and won the change to keep Tebow’s Heisman Trophy for six months.

But she ultimately chickened out for fear the trophy would be harmed in her care. She did not want the responsibility which is what made this the ultimate prank.

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Tebow had a demolished copy of the Heisman delivered to Caroline. It was left broken and in a wet box.

Then he sent a message asking if they received it because he claimed it was dropped off two days before and never heard anything.

Before even opening the box, Caroline reminded Luke that she didn’t want the Heisman trophy because she was afraid.

Her worst fears came just true moments later when the box was discovered. To her horror, Caroline found the broken counterfeit trophy inside the damaged box.

“I don’t want to be responsible for that,” Luke’s wife declared. “I’m going to throw up. This is exactly why I did not want it around here.”

She did suspect something was up after looking at the pieces and parts of the trophy.

“This is not the real Heisman. Y’all are messing with my ass,” Caroline said.

In Walks Tim Tebow With His Heisman Trophy

Tebow eventually shows up with the real Heisman in hand as the room erupted in laughter.

The NFL star turned MLB hopeful might still be a newlywed, but he understands how important laughter is in a marriage.

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Bryan shared a photo of the three of them posing with the trophy.


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Since Caroline was the butt of the epic prank, she was given the honor of posting the video. You can see it in the Instagram post below.


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We can’t wait to see what other pranks the Bryans pull on each other this month!

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