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Meghan Markle shocked the world on Sunday night by making an unannounced appearance on CNN Heroes. Of course, her appearance on the liberal news network wasn’t as surprising to Royal watchers given the Duchess of Sussex has been making moves which increasingly highlight her leftwing politics.

Meghan Makes Surprise Appearance On CNN Heroes

Meghan shocked everyone when she appeared on “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” to shine a light on the people who have made a difference in the world throughout this difficult year.

“In a year that has been universally challenging for everyone, I am inspired by stories of compassion in our communities,” Meghan said. “Across the country, people have put their own needs aside to come together to support the collective well being of those around them.”

The wife of Prince Harry went on to say that when COVID-19 first hit in March this year, “Overnight, everything seemed to change.”

“For many families, the impact of the pandemic has been catastrophic, and far too many were faced with a heartbreaking question: ‘How am I going to put food on the table for my family?'” Meghan said.

“In the face of this devastating reality, we also saw the power of the human spirit and the remarkable ways that communities respond in challenging times.”

Honoring Frontline Heroes

After praising the people who have been on the frontlines helping others during the coronavirus pandemic, Meghan said that it was the moments of love and humanity this year that “reminded so many that they are cared for.”

“Tonight we are celebrating these quiet heroes. Some of whom I know, and others that we applaud from afar. These individuals stood up and made sure the most basic needs of our communities were met. They made sure those around them did not have to suffer in isolation,” Meghan concluded.

“They showed us, all of us, that even in the darkest times, when we come together, we have the power to remind someone else that there is hope and that we will be OK,” she said. 

While Meghan’s speech rings more political than humanitarian, we can get behind praising the individuals who make a difference during the pandemic. 

That includes the doctors, nurses, police, truck drivers, grocery store clerks, farmers, and more.

Earlier this year Americans united behind our brave frontline workers. Together we heralded these everyday heroes.

But, unfortunately, that all changed after the death of George Floyd. Our priorities and the narrative shifted.

Meghan Markle Makes Moves In Politics

It didn’t go unnoticed that Meghan’s platform for relaying her “heroes” message was an unapologetically leftwing network like CNN.

I doubt that the Duchess would choose one with a more conservative reputation like Fox. Or even a more neutral outlet like Reuters or AP.

It has become increasingly clear that Meghan Markle wants to be active and have influence in politics.

Such behavior would undoubtedly not sit well with the Queen give it flies in the face of the requirement that official members of the Royal Family remain politically neutral at all times.

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That requirement likely did not sit well with Meghan. She spent years as a member of the Hollywood liberal elite. So she presumably sees it as her personal duty to lecture the rest of us about her leftwing political views every chance she gets.

No doubt the former “Suits” actress’ passion for politics played a role in Megxit.

Sunday may have been Meghan Markle’s first appearance on CNN, but it likely won’t be her last. From her GOTV campaign with Michelle Obama to her and Prince Harry’s new ‘Woke’ awards, she’s just get started in politics.

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We have to imagine that the Queen will not be pleased about this, acting Senior Royal or not. 

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