Let Melania Trump Take You On A Personal Video Tour Of The Patriotic White House Christmas 2020

Experience Christmas at the White House through this tour of First Lady Melania Trump's 2020 patriotic and traditionally themed decorations.

There’s nothing quite like Christmas at the White House. And First Lady Melania Trump really hit it out of the park with her 2020 White House Christmas decorations. Her “America the Beautiful” theme features not only gorgeous decorations to celebrate the season of Christmas but also thoughtful tributes to our great nation.

Patriotic Americans will love this year’s White House Christmas decorations. First Lady Melania Trump decided to go with a traditional and All-American White House Christmas display. It’s not just beautiful but meaningful as well.

Let’s take a tour through the 2020 White House Christmas decorations personally selected by Melania Trump.

2020 White House Christmas Theme: ‘America The Beautiful’

“I am excited to announce this year’s White House holiday theme, ‘America the Beautiful,’” the First Lady announced.

“Over the past four years I have had the honor to travel to some of our nation’s most beautiful landmarks and meet some of the most compassionate and patriotic American citizens. From coast to coast, the bond that all Americans share is an appreciation for our traditions, values, and history, which were the inspiration behind the decorations this year. Thank you to all of the staff and volunteers who worked to make sure the People’s House was ready for the holiday season. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.”

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Meticulously selected and adorned Christmas trees and decorations abound throughout the People’s House.

Pictures of videos are sure to get every patriotic American in the spirit of the season.

Ornaments on trees throughout the White House celebrate the freedoms, faith, military, and diversity of our great country.

2020 Official White House Christmas Tree

The Official White House Christmas tree is located in the Blue Room.

It is over 16 feet tall and holds ornaments made by children across the nation. Students were asked to depict what makes their states great.

The 2020 White House Christmas tree is adorned in yellow and gold signifying a bright future for the American children.

Blue Room White House Christmas 2020

White House’s Red Room Christmas Decorations Honor First Responders

The Red Room of the White House honors and celebrates our First Responders and frontline workers this Christmas.

Handmade ornaments emphasize those who valiantly and heroically serve our communities, particularly during the pandemic. 

Red Room White House Christmas 2020

Gingerbread House In The State Dining Room

The Gingerbread House is always a favorite. This delicious work of art gets a place of distinction at the north end of the State Dining room.

The painstaking detail that goes into making this masterpiece is very much appreciated by everyone who sees it up close. The 2020 White House Gingerbread House is no different. 

From The White House:

This year’s Gingerbread House, a delicious masterpiece displayed on the iconic eagle pier table, replicates the West Wing, Executive Residence, East Wing, and for the first time, the Rose Garden and the First Ladies’ Garden. Constructed from 275 pounds of gingerbread dough, 110 pounds of pastillage dough, 30 pounds of gum paste, 25 pounds of chocolate, and 25 pounds of royal icing. The White House pastry team took extra care in making sure that every detail, down to the smallest blossom, paid homage to the beauty of “America the Beautiful.”

White House Christmas 2020 Gingerbread House

The White House has been impeccably designed during the past four Christmases.

First Lady Melania Trump takes you on a 2020 Christmas tour of the White House decorations in the video below. 

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