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Just before the election last month, the cast of “Happy Days” came together for a virtual reunion to raise money for Wisconsin Democrats who were running for office. Scott Baio, who played Charles “Chachi” Arcola on the iconic sitcom, was noticeably absent. His costar Don Most said Baio was “out of line” in a new Fox News interview.

Baio, a proud Republican supporter of Donald Trump, said that he would not participate in the leftwing fundraiser “because I don’t believe in socialism and Marxism.”

As if John Stamos volunteering to stand in as Chachi for the fundraiser wasn’t bad enough, now another “Happy Days” costar is taking shots at Baio for his absence.

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“Happy Days” Actor Don Most Addresses Costar Scott Baio’s Fundraiser Absence

The actor Don Most, who played Ralph Malph on the show, spoke out this week to rip Baio for daring to stand by his conservative beliefs and not take part in a reunion that would help leftwing candidates. 

When asked about Baio in an interview with Fox News, it seemed at first like Most might actually take the high road. 

“I knew that he would not be a part of this because of the differences in political views,” Most said of Baio and the fundraiser.

“So it was not a question of whether he would be a part of it or not. That was a given. But you know, Scott and I, we played golf together. It’s been a while now, about a couple of years, but we’ve stayed in touch somewhat. But in the last year, I haven’t seen him.”

Don Most Slams Scott Baio

However, as Most continued to ramble, it became clear that he was actually quite angry about Baio daring to stand by his conservative views:

“I know he has expressed some things about the fundraiser and us getting together for it that was a little disappointing. It was disappointing to hear how strongly he felt. And how he was so critical and negative about us doing this.

I felt it was way out of line. I really did. Because we are entitled to our opinions. And we were all as a group uniting to do something, just like he proposes his views. He was part of the show and people are aware of him because of that show. And he’s using that as a way to present his views. We’re entitled to do the same. And we were all united in the way we felt.”

What Most doesn’t seem to understand is that Baio’s main issue was not with his former cast members speaking out about their political views as individuals.

Instead, Baio made it very clear that his problem was that they were taking what was supposed to be an apolitical sitcom in “Happy Days,” and using it to benefit Democrats.

This would in-turn alienate the millions of conservative fans of “Happy Days,” a show that had never been remotely political. 

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‘Happy Days’ Represented ‘Traditional American Values’

Scott Baio made his position on the cast reunion to raise funds for Democrats quite clear back in October.

“Here’s what I don’t get: To take a show like ‘Happy Days,’ that represented traditional American values, good morals, a slice of Americana, and to use that show and those ideals to promote two people in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that condone, encourage and foment rioting and looting is a little bizarre to me,” Baio told Fox Business before the fundraiser.

We applaud Baio for having the courage to stand up for America and by his conservative views.

Shame on Don Most and the rest of the “Happy Days” cast for politicizing one of the few shows out there that could still be loved by everyone, regardless of their political beliefs.

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