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May 3, 2023
Scott Bail of “Happy Days” fame has finally had enough of California, and he’s leaving the state because of the homeless crisis.
Scott Baio Don Most Happy Days reunion fundraiser Chachi
December 16, 2020
Don Most, Ralph Malph on ‘Happy Days’, took pots shots at fellow castmaste Scott Baio, Chachi, for skipping cast Democrat fundraiser reunion.
Scott Baio John Stamos Happy Days Reunion Kirstie Alley
October 22, 2020
Scott Baio, famous for his role as ‘Chachi’, shredded the pro-Biden ‘Happy Days’ reunion and torched John Stamos as an “elite marxist.”
conservative celebrities endorse Trump Roseanne Barr 50 Cent Kelsey Grammar Kirstie Alley Jon Voight
October 20, 2020
The list of celebrities in Hollywood brave enough to risk their career to endorse Donald Trump for president in the 2020 election is growing.
Hollywood liberals
October 15, 2020
Scot Baio and Dean Cain blasted liberal Hollywood for being anti-Trump, saying that “they just don’t like him” in the new documentary.
Herschel Walker Alyssa Milano Trump son Christian
August 25, 2020
Herschel Walker was called an ‘Uncle Tom’ for his pro-Trump RNC speech, but his son Christian stood tall in defiance of his liberal haters.
Roseanne Barr Scott Baio Hollywood
May 28, 2020
Scott Baio is in hot water with liberal Hollywood after he called out them out for their hypocrisy when it comes to Roseanne Barr and Joe Biden.