Family Booted From United Flight After 2-Year-Old Refused To Wear Mask

Viral video of a family thrown off a United Airlines flight after their two-year-old refused to wear a mask drew attacks by cancel culture.

A Colorado family was thrown off of a United Airlines flight because their two-year-old daughter refused to keep her face mask on. Shocking video of the encounter has gone viral and put the mother in the line of fire of the self-appointed mask police. 

Anyone who has had a two year old knows they can have a mind of their own. While the parents rule the roost, it can be incredibly challenging dealing with an opinionated child of this age, particularly when it comes to wearing something they don’t want to wear. 

Family Thrown Off United Flight Despite Holding Mask Over Two-Year-Old’s Face

Rules are rules and we have to follow them, but the thought of forcing a two-year-old to wear a mask when she doesn’t want to is ludicrous.

It would have meant screaming and thrashing around during an entire flight. 

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Still, Eliza Orban and her husband attempted to make it work. They held the mask over their daughter’s face.

But that wasn’t enough for United Airlines. They wanted full compliance without any debate from the young child.

So, the Orbans were booted from the plane while their luggage and their daughter’s carseat continued to the destination. 

The family previously flew with their daughter during the pandemic without issue. This time, however, it was a completely different standard from airline staffers.

“We are premier members with United, so we’ve flown many times, even during the pandemic we’ve flown with our 2-year-old,” the mother said.

“We’ve just flown two months ago because all of our family lives on the East Coast, so this is the only way for them to see their granddaughter,” Orban continued. “And this time was just extremely different.”

Orban shared video of the ordeal on Twitter. It went viral. As humiliating as it was to be kicked off a flight, the worst was yet to come.

Family Viciously Attacked Online Over Two-Year-Old’s Mask Etiquette

The young mother was greeted with an onslaught of attacks from people who are the self-anointed mask police.

She shared news of this cancel culture bullying on Instagram. Nasty replies were not just on her account but also on her dog’s account as well. 

“But if you think you can break me- you are far gone. You’re messing with the wrong person,” the mother shared on the Instagram post below.


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