disabled Marine veteran assault masks

A disabled veteran of the United States Marines has come forward to say that he was brutally beaten after the Marine confronted two men for not wearing masks in a grocery store in Washington state.

Disabled Marine Veteran Assaulted Over Masks

Daniel Troublefield, 43, told KIRO-TV that the confrontation occurred last Sunday evening in the Ocean Shores IGA, but it didn’t actually turn physical until he had walked outside. 

“They kept berating me with expletives, calling me a snowflake, and it’s not science, it’s a hoax,” Troublefield said. 

Chilling surveillance footage shows Troublefield walking towards his white car, only to walk past it as the man without masks verbally berate him.

“To my regret I walked up to the car,” Troublefield lamented. “I was trying to explain it is science, and you should be wearing a mask because you’re endangering me and everyone else in the store by not having a mask on.”

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Assault On Marine Vet Escalates

Though he now wishes he’d ignored the men who weren’t wearing their masks, the situation became more heated from there.

“The gentleman tapped on my chest, and I flipped up his hat, and that’s when they both got out of the car,” said the veteran.

Troublefield added that “one grabbed me by the neck in a chokehold and got me down to the ground. And before I knew it, I was getting my face pummeled with fists.”

The beating was so brutal that as it was happening, Troublefield thought that it might be the end for him.

“I curled up in the fetal position, and I was just ready to die,” he said.

After about twenty seconds of pummeling the veteran, the two maskless men finally ran off. Troublefield said that he never even threw a single punch, and that he even passed out at one point during the beating. 

Afterwards, the disabled Marine veteran was left with a fractured nose as well as bruises all over his body. He required stitches once he was taken to the hospital.

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Police Are Investigating 

However, while Ocean Shores Police said that the investigation is ongoing, they added that they have not yet concluded whether this was an assault or self-defense. 

“I don’t feel the police are doing enough,” Troublefield said. “I’m in the dark right now about everything.”

The disabled Marine veteran went on to express fears that his assailants will never be caught, as he wants to see them brought to justice.

“I’d like to see the two gentlemen locked up in jail. I’d like for them to pay for what they did,” Troublefield said. “I don’t think any human being deserves to be treated like I was treated.”

Regardless of what the police end up concluding about this case, it serve as more proof of how high tensions are right now all over the country.

The slightest confrontation can snowball into a vicious brawl in no time these days, so stay safe out there, folks. 

There is no excuse for a vicious assault like the one suffered by this Veteran.

It’s time this country comes to our senses!