Cleveland Indians MLB team name change fans outraged

The Cleveland Indians shocked their fans by announcing the historic team will be changing its name. Fans of the 105-year-old team have been loyal through times of heartache when losing seasons were all that were on the horizon.

Fans Outrage Over Cleveland Indians Name Change

That loyalty was crushed as fans took to social media to express their outrage. Some fans called the move a betrayal while others stated they will never attend games after a name change. 

I am well aware of the fans anger. I am one of them.

The Cleveland Indians are my team. I’ve been attending games since I was four years old.

I have gone to World Series games. I sat in the stands at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium when the team was so bad that a player just getting walked was considered a victory. I have been to Spring Training with the Tribe. I have been a season ticket holder.

That is now over.

Cleveland Indians Fans Wonder If Team Move Is In Future

This team has proved that my loyalty means nothing to them. They are more concerned with politically correct hipsters who don’t attend games and can’t even throw a ball.

The outrage brigade will not fill the seats. They might buy a t-shirt to celebrate the new woke name change but that’s it.

Next they might be whining that baseball is filled with microaggressions and preys upon the hopes and dreams of young children and demand women be signed. 

In an added deceitful twist, instead of the team making the announcement or even local media, the New York Times broke the story.

Now, we are left believing this is a signal that the team will not only betray us with a name change but also leave town.

Honestly, given the damage done with a name change they might as well back it up and head to Nashville or another city.

It’s hard to imagine Clevelanders accepting anything less than the Indians being their baseball team. Cleveland is not New York.

Political correctness does not rule here. 

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Named After Native American Player Over A Century Ago

The Indians were named after Cleveland Spiders ballplayer Louis Francis Sockalexis who was a Native American.

It is not an offensive name. Rather, it was a tremendous honor and has adorned the name of the team since 1915. 

In 2018, after pressure from the left, the team scalped Chief Wahoo. They promised that was it and the Indians would remain the name of the team.

But, you never bend a knee to the political correctness police because the demands will never cease.  They will always find something to be offended about. 

President Trump even took notice of the deceitful betrayal of the Cleveland Indians and Major League Baseball. Trump recognizes the destructive nature of cancel culture.

The team hasn’t announced if it’s chosen a new moniker or when the change will take effect. But it’s definitely being changed.

This name change comes on the heels of the Washington Redskins morphing into the Washington football team. 

The Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Blackhawks are next on the list of targets. Brace yourselves.

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