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A stray dog looking for a place to rest found some divine intervention when she came across a nativity scene. The manger was empty and the perfect place for this dog to cuddle in and sleep. The decision to take up shelter in Baby Jesus’s spot changed everything for this young puppy as it lead her to a forever home. It’s the perfect Christmas feel good story. 

Nádia Rosângella was walking past the creche in the square of her hometown in Brazil when she spotted the cute little puppy asleep in the hay.

Just like Holy Family, this puppy didn’t have anywhere to sleep. There was no room at the inn for any of them. 

Puppy Was Asleep In A Manger

As the world is going through such turmoil, it was lovely to see such a peaceful scene. This little angel was slumbering where the baby Jesus would be placed on Christmas.

This poignant discovery was one that Nádia could not ignore as an animal lover. She could not just continue on with her day. 

She wasn’t sure where the dog came from, but Nádia believes she was abandoned in the town square.

Unable to keep the dog herself, she took pictures and shared them with the hope that someone else could give the pup a good home.

Stray Dog Found In Nativity Gets A Forever Home For The Holidays

Every dog deserves a good home and it’s particularly hard to ignore one that takes shelter in the manger of a nativity scene.

It didn’t take long for this puppy to be accepted into a loving family. It would be hard to say no to her big ears and puppy dog eyes!

puppy dog asleep manger nativity scene

“A friend found her, and took her home,” she told The Dodo.

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This sweet dog has a forever home for Christmas. That’s what every dog deserves.

It’s very appropriate that this puppy was rescued because she slept in the manger intended for Jesus, the One who was born to rescue us all. 

dog nativity scene manger

“I feel happy and at peace knowing she’s safe,” Rosângella told The Dodo. “I love animals very much, and wish the same for all of them.”

This puppy’s world has completely changed. It really was divine intervention and a great reminder to look out for those less fortunate. 

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