Derrick Nnadi

Kansas City Chiefs player Derrick Nnadi is celebrating his team’s Super Bowl LIV win in a way that will have animal lovers cheering! The defensive end is paying the adoption fees for all dogs at the KC Pet Project. 23-year-old Nnadi has a strong devotion to his own dogs. Now he wants all these rescue dogs to have loving homes and the Super Bowl champ is opening up his wallet to make it happen.

Derrick Nnadi Pays Dog Adoption Fees To Celebrate Super Bowl Win

Kanas City Chiefs #91 Derrick Nnadi is covering the adoption fees for all dogs who became available on Super Bowl Sunday, February 2nd, and before. This promotion will run until each of these dogs are adopted.

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The defensive end understands how challenging it can be bringing a new dog into your home. Often there is an adjustment period.

To help make this transition easier, he is fronting the adoption costs to alleviate that burden so the new owners can simply focus on loving their new family members.

Nnadi’s Dog Rocky

This football playing dog lover has a fierce devotion to his own pets. He has two bully breeds named Saint and Rocky.

Rocky had a lot of challenges when Nnadi adopted him. The pit bull basically lacked social skills as he had no human interaction except for with his breeder. He met Rocky when the pup was just a frightened 10-week-old. But, Nnadi saw a lot of potential in the little dog.

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“It was so bad that if you tried to touch him, he’s going to bob and weave,” Nnadi said. “That’s literally why I called him Rocky. It really took him a long time to get him accustomed to everything around him. Now, he’s not as shy. He’ll approach you, but he still won’t let you touch him if he doesn’t know you.”

With fierce love and determination, Rocky came around and ended up becoming Nnadi’s big baby. He even runs an Instagram account for his dogs. The tagline for Rocky and Saint’s photo filled account is “Just some dogs chasing some squirrels”. Adorably, Rocky and Saint refer to the 300+ pound defensive tackle as their “pops”.

“Even when I came home, he was going to look at you,” the Super Bowl champion said. “His tail was going to wag a little bit. He’s going to be like, ‘OK, how you doing?’ Now when I come in, he’s jumping straight to my forehead, happy as I don’t know what, going crazy, trying to bite off my shoelaces because he wants me to take (my shoes) off so he knows I’m not leaving.”

This is a great way to celebrate! Congrats to Derrick Nnadi and all of the deserving dogs about to find their forever homes.

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