WWE Files Another John Cena And Dean Ambrose Trademark

WWE filed another John Cena trademark, even though the wrestler is no longer active. They also re-filed for Dean Ambrose!

The WWE recently filed another trademark related to John Cena, even though the wrestler does not often return to the company these days. They also filed a trademark for AEW star Jon Moxley, formerly known as Dean Ambrose. 

Cenation Subject To Another Trademark

WWE John Cena

WWE decided to keep the ‘Cenation‘ trademark for the considerable future. To do so, they filed a trademark on October 8th.

It’s not the first time the WWE filed a trademark for John Cena. In fact, Cena admitted in a previous interview he still gives royalties to the WWE for his own name.

So, one can assume that all the movie roles Cena gets, a part of those royalties go to the WWE.

While the John Cena trademark filed by the WWE could offend some people, Cena has no problem with it. Even though it shocked most people, Cena claims he has no problems giving something back to the people that launched his career.

It is currently unclear just how much the WWE own in terms of John Cena. From the Cenation to the man’s name itself, the WWE is sure looking out for its interests.

Since Cena is now a big movie star, it is not unusual for the WWE trying to capitalize on that success. 

Dean Ambrose Trademark

Dean Ambrose Trademark

Despite the fact Ambrose left the WWE for AEW, the WWE still filed a trademark for his name. Not that it would do them much good, as he currently wrestles under the name Jon Moxley.

Of course, fans who discover Moxley on AEW might be looking into the history of the wrestler. Eventually, this would get them to the WWE, where the name name Dean Ambrose is trademarked. 

It is not the first time the WWE has trademarked a wrestler’s name after their departure. One of the more recent examples is Cody Rhodes

Despite his departure many years ago, the WWE kept a hold of the Rhodes family name. As a result, Cody Rhodes was just ‘ Cody’ in AEW wrestling.

However, Cody decided to fight back this year and attempted to trademark his own family name. While the WWE tried to get the trademark back and contested Cody’s filing, everything eventually turned out in Cody’s favor. 

Shortly after the victory, Cody came out to the ring under his full name ‘Cody Rhodes.’ The battle for his surname was a hard-fought one. 

WWE’s trademarking does pose some questions. Where does someone draw the line? 

Is it okay to trademark someone’s family name and prevent them from using it? It is almost too ridiculous for words, but that is what happened to Cody! 

And how long should former WWE wrestlers give up some of the extra curricular royalties to the WWE? It seems that most wrestlers joining the WWE will be owned by them for years to come, if not for their entire lives.

Former presidential candidate Andrew Yang has taken it upon himself to look into the WWE and its practices. And I am sure that the outcome of this battle will be talked about a lot!

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