Alex Trebek Jeopardy! host top best moments 1984 to 2020

The entire nation mourned the passing of Alex Trebek, the game show legend best known for hosting the beloved show “Jeopardy!” from 1984 until just days before his passing in 2020.

In the wake of the 80 year-old icon’s death, some of his best moments from his 36 years of hosting “Jeopardy!” have been making the rounds on the internet.

Sod we’ve decided to compile some of the best ones for you! 

Alex Trebek’s Very First ‘Jeopardy!’ Episode

“Jeopardy!” may have looked and sounded much different in 1984 with it’s graphics and music, but one thing that remained the same as today even in Trebek’s very first episode was just how charming he was.

In a throwback video from Trebek’s first episode on the game show, he can be seen walking onstage with a big smile on his face, saying, “On behalf of all of us, welcome to America’s favorite answer-and-question game, ‘Jeopardy!’’

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Alex Trebek’s No Pants Moment

Longtime fans of “Jeopardy!” know that while Trebek was very serious about the show, he also had a hilarious sense of humor. He showed this during a 2007 Ultimate Tournament of Champions episode in which he showed up with no pants on!

Trebek quickly explained that he had a good reason behind this humorous gesture.

“I was informed backstage a few minutes ago that our three contestants — Ken, Brad and Jerome — wanted to relieve some of the tension,” the host said, “and they said, ‘We must do the program without trousers.’ ”

Nerdcore Hip Hop

Another one of Trebek’s funny viral moments came in a 2016 episode in which a contestant named Susan Cole told the host that she loves “nerdcore hip hop.”

Cole went on to described this as “people who identify as nerdy rapping about the things they love,” including video games, science-fiction and dating troubles.

Without missing a beat, Trebek responded by saying in a deadpan voice, “Losers, in other words.”

Cole ended up winning the game handily in this episode, so her “Jeopardy!” skills were no joke!

‘We Love You, Alex’ 

One of the most moving moments of Alex Trebek’s entire “Jeopardy!” career came last November.

During the Tournament of Champions, contestant Dhruv Gaur wrote, “We love you, Alex,” as his answer in the Final Jeopardy round.

This episode aired a few months after Trebek announced his battle with prostate cancer, and he was in the midst of receiving treatment while simultaneously hosting the show.

The “Jeopardy!” host became visibly emotional as he read out Gaur’s answer.

“That’s very kind,” Trebek said. “Thank you.”

Contestant Offers Touching Thank You To Alex Trebek

Some would say that the most powerful moment of Trebek’s entire 36-year tenure on “Jeopardy!” came on an episode that aired just days before he died.

Last Thursday, a pre-recorded episode featured a contestant from India named Burt Thakur, who became emotional as he offered a touching thank you to Trebek.

“I learned English because of you,” he said. “My grandfather who raised me, I’m gonna get tears right now. I used to sit on his lap and watch you every day.”

Alex Trebek brought joy to millions of people every night on “Jeopardy!” for 36 years.

He was a household staple as the family gather around the television to test our knowledge.

There will never be another one like him, and he will be dearly missed. 

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